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Amazon Kinesis Data Streams (KDS) - Alerting for data logs from AWS Kinesis streams

We have a customer which receives event information from software clients through AWS Kinesis Firehose, which is then logged into the system. We'd like to have the ability to:

  • Watch the content of incoming Kinesis datastream. (without a Server Agent)
  • Alert on structured log content, in the same manner as the AppLogs

Please help out!



Colton M.


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Hi Colton,

    Thanks you raising this here. We have already added this in our roadmap. Will let you know once we start implementing it. We would like to open this up for the community to upvote this request. Based on the need we will prioritise. 


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Hi Colton,

   Some question related to the logs that come in to Kinesis Streams.

1. What kind of content are you trying to push into logs? Please provide an example of the type of content and full log string for a log line.

2. How frequent do you want to push to logs?


Product Manager, Site24x7

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