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Gain deep insights about your Amazon EBS snapshots

Hi there,

We're happy to inform you that Site24x7's AWS monitoring now supports Amazon Elastic Block Store (EBS) Snapshots. The snapshots can be used to create a backup of critical workloads, such as a large database, or a file system that spans across multiple EBS volumes. 

Achieve full-stack visibility and obtain in-depth knowledge about your EBS snapshot inventory with Site24x7's Amazon EBS snapshot integration. By integrating Site24x7 and Amazon EBS snapshot, you can:
  • Track EBS snapshots and monitor your resources in great detail.
  • Gain a bird's-eye view of your EBS snapshot inventory.
  • Receive snapshot details of the available volumes which is helpful for creating new volumes.
  • Monitor the snapshots at the volume level based on snapshot availability.

Five EBS snapshot monitors are considered a basic monitor.
Note:  If you don’t want snapshots to be discovered, you can disable EBS Volume discovery on the Integrate AWS Account > Services to be discovered field.

Try Site24x7's Amazon EBS snapshot integration and leave your feedback below in the comments section.

The Site24x7 team

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