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Allow "+" sign for email address

We require separate invoicing for separate customers. Even in MSP account that doesn't seem to be possible. One workaround could be to create separate accounts probably utizling a gmail feature to use "+" sign to create unlimited email addresses. In that case you can provide multiple email addresses, but utilizes the single email account. Otherwise using separate email addresses for few dozens of site24x7 accounts is not practical.

Therefore could you allow "+" sign in email address. (alternatively you can enable separate invoicing per customer in a MSP account as well)

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Re: Allow "+" sign for email address

Hi Sanjaya,

 Thanks for raising your concerns here. The "+" sign is deliberately avoided in signup for security reasons. Most MSP customers prefer a single invoicing for their monitoring account and charge their end users over and above the monitoring charges for the services offered. This brings in the question of how the invoice has to be given for your customers. Can you elaborate on this please. In the mean time, we'll check the feasibility in offering invoicing for each customer. 


PM, Site24x7

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Re: Re: Allow "+" sign for email address

Hi Jasper,

     Thank you for your response. As you described we have been uitilizing a single account for external customers and charge for the entire service separately. This issue is mainly for internal projects. Assume we have multiple internal projects with a single operations team. The projects I'm referring has a big potential and site24x7 usage could be considerably higher. So if the projects are in different BUs, separating out invoicing is more crucial though operations is done through a single team. That's where we saw the two options of having separated invoicing or creating separate account per project. But as the same team is managing those platforms we have a limitation of creating user accounts in multiple site24x7 accounts as it's bound to email address. 

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