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Allow monitors in a MSP plan to be moved to another MSP client from the management portal, retain historical data and maintain monitor name

We have recently switched to the MSP plan after having been on a regular plan on Site24x7 for over a year. The following article https://support.site24x7.com/portal/kb/articles/how-to-point-my-server-to-a-different-msp-client mentions "mapping" existing monitors to a different MSP client. There are several issues with how Site24x7 handles moving existing monitors that I would hope could be handled differently in the near future.

1). At a minimum, a script has to be run on every server that needs to be moved to a different MSP client. There should be a way to move the server monitor entry in the Web UI and the server monitor/agent be automatically associated with the new MSP client without having to fix registry entries -- the Site24x7 agent itself to could handle this I would think.

2). Historical data should be retained for the server monitor after it is moved to the new MSP client or at least there should be an option to retain the historical data. What was explained to me by the support team is that to retain historical data you have to suspend the monitor in the current customer (and leave it there) and then uninstall and reinstall the agent so that it points to the new MSP client. There by creating two server monitors - one current (active) and one historical (suspended), located in two different customer accounts.

3). The existing name of the server monitor should be retained when moved. It seems that the monitor name is reset after following the instructions mentioned in the knowledge base article.

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Hi Jumblo,

  We had a couple of scenarios discussed. We will think through this again and update this space when there is any progress on this. Our apologies for the late update here.


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