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Alerting on down pollers via 3rd party integrations

We currently use internal pollers and started using PagerDuty to page us if something goes down and needs to be looked into quickly.

As of right now, the only option for alerting if a poller goes down is email; can we get other methods added for alerting endpoints as the other monitors do? We had one of our pollers die a few days ago and nobody noticed because we got emailed.

We did get a PagerDuty alert but because it does not match the rules we use for actual monitors it did not get converted into an incident; plus we are moving away from global alerting rules so we won't have the default PagerDuty endpoint to use for All Monitors.

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Re: Alerting on down pollers via 3rd party integrations


We understand your concern. Unfortunately, the only alert medium supported for now is Email. 

We will have this feature added to our roadmap and update this thread once the feature becomes available in the product. 



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