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Alerting based on group events

Dear support,


As discussed with case #1123567, please include the feature of alerts when a number of devices in group are down. 

This will eliminate the too much noise that is coming from site24 and user consider it as SPAM thus ignoring important alerts.





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Re: Alerting based on group events

Hi there, 

   First off, I apologize for the issue you faced for community login. We are working on providing EU and other DC logins for community. 

Secondly, We understand the flood of alerts you get. How have you setup your monitoring, currently? Have you grouped your devices in monitor groups and want to get alerted when x no. of devices are down? It would be nice to know, if you can explain how you have organized your setup.

I would like to inform that we are working to solve these cases this year.


PM, Site24x7


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