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Alert profiles with minimum, maximum?


We stumbled upon a pretty basic alert feature that appears to be missing (see #607762).

Basically, it should be possible to have more than one alert profile per metric.  For example, I'd like to be alerted if there are > 15k messages in a Rabbit Queue... that would indicate a problem.  It would also indicate a problem if there are <10 messages in that same queue.  With your present offering, I have to choose only one.

Is this a feature you could possibly add?  My workaround has been to add duplicate items in my plugins, which uses licenses.  For the above scenario, my workaround would be to have the plugin return the same data twice, with a different attribute..

messages_in_queue: 10000

messages_in_queue_copy: 10000


... and then creating an alert rule for > 100000 in messages_in_queue, then another for < 10 in messages_in_queue_copy.



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Re: Alert profiles with minimum, maximum?


 Thanks for bringing this up. We are bringing in an additional status (actively worked on) at the threshold level for a metric, this will solve the your usecase and many others as well. Will keep you posted when this releases.


Product Manager, Site24x7

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