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Additional monitor status based on number of down locations if less than down count

Currently, we only have the ability to set a monitor as down from x number of locations. Like if a monitor is down from 3 locations, consider it down. It would be awesome to have an option where we could set trouble if down from less than the down setting so we can troubleshoot if we can't get to a monitor from some locations only. We don't want to hand down a monitor if less than 3 locations but we still want to know if we can't get to it from any location.

* Make the alerts go to the admins set for the account.

This would help greatly in troubleshooting issues with monitors.

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I understand your current threshold profiles have "Number of locations to report monitor as down" set to 3. If the monitor is down from 1 or more locations but less than 3, you'd like a Trouble alert instead. We'll consider enhancing our alerting with this feature.

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Get a trouble alert but only sent to the administrators.

Thanks Kurian

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