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Add timer to 'Check keyword presence in the response' feature


I would like to propose Improvement to 'Check keyword presence in the response' feature.
Can you guys add timer to it? I saw this feature on some other web monitor apps  and I found it useful for us.

Let's say, we want to check 'shipping' keyword on the page. By default, keyword check happens right after page loaded, but in some cases additional loading still happening and module with 'shipping' word not appears yet. In this case Monitor status set to 'Trouble', but it is not. After next check 'shipping' keyword verified.

In this case timer will be very useful. Page loaded, keyword check happens in 5 sec. (value editable) after.

Thanks for any respond,
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Re: Add timer to 'Check keyword presence in the response' feature


Thanks for raising this request. 

As of now, we do not support a timer for the keyword presence check. However, as a workaround, users can try our Web Page Analyzer feature wherein the content check will occur only after a wait time of 5 seconds, provided the website type configured is a ' Flash-based website'. 

Kindly note that the polling frequency for Web Page Analyzer is 15 minutes by default. Hope this helps. You can also take a look at the screenshot given below to be more clear on the WPA configuration part. 


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