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Add more threshold conditions to plugin integrations

Hi team,
I'm developing  custom monitoring with plugin integrations tool and I'm lacking threshold configuration logic "not equal", and logical joining for conditions like  "Condition1 AND Condition2", or Condition1 OR Condition2" or ((Condition1 AND Condition2) OR Condition3)" and similar. Is it possible to implement in the closest future?


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Re: Add more threshold conditions to plugin integrations


Currently, we do not have support threshold configurations involving "not equals" and other logical conditions. We shall take this up as a feature request.

However, as a workaround, this can be achieved in the plugin script itself. Please have a look at this sample script on how to write logical conditions inside the script.

Sample snippets on how to use conditions in a script:

This will send you alerts when the file/directory threshold is exceeded. 'status' is a reserved keyword and this can be used only for determining the status of the plugin monitor.

Similarly, you can use logical conditioning checks inside the script itself according to your requirement. Hope this helps. Let us know for further queries, if any.




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