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Add IP Ranges to IP Blacklist monitoring

Hello, we want to add IP Ranges to IP Blacklist monitoring. currently, we need to add all addresses one-by-one in groups of 10 which is not working for us.

We would love the option to add CIDRs in or IP Ranges in one time (and pay for the amount of IP's in the range)


Thank you.

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Re: Add IP Ranges to IP Blacklist monitoring

Hi there,

Thank you requesting here and explaining your use case.

Currently we don't have the support to add IP ranges. However, we will add this enhancement to this monitor. 

If you have any domain which will resolve all these IPs, you can just configure the domain name and enable "Resolve Hostname(s) on every poll" option. 

Here it will be charged based on the number of IPs in that range. Every 10 IPs will consume 1 basic monitor license.

Site24x7 Team.

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