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Add functionality to Terraform provider


We plan to use your Terraform provider (registry.terraform.io/providers/site24x7/site24x7/latest) to deploy a large number of monitors, however there are some limitations with the provider currently which prevent us from doing so. 

Could you please add functionality for the following:

- Configuring 'Should contain HTTP Response Header(s)' in website_monitor and rest_api_monitor resources

- Configuring tags in any resource configurable through the provider

- Configuring 'Third-party Integrations' in any monitor resources

- Specifying threshold/notification/user alert configuration by friendly name rather than uid, or a data provider to pull these in. Currently, these need to be retrieved from the UI or through the API.

- Configuring 'Rest API Transaction' monitors, and configuring the transaction steps within this monitor.


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Re: Add functionality to Terraform provider

Dear Brendan,

    Thank you for raising it here. We are working on some of the features you've requested already (tags and 3rd party).

Since the provider is open source and in GitHub, we encourage you to contribute to some of the enhancements you've mentioned if you can (Others too can start contributing). The provider itself is being enhanced constantly by our team; however, we would be happy to accept your pull requests (Additional help is always welcome).

You can also raise these requests as issues in GitHub for more visibility and community contribution (We already have some requests and are working on them). 


Site24x7, PM

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Re: Add functionality to Terraform provider

Dear Brendan,

Please use the latest version(0.0.1-beta.5) of our terraform provider to configure "tag_ids" and "response_headers" to resources. Please refer the example here

Thanks & Regards,


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