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Add default action to Notification Profile

We are using Opsgenie to handle all our alerts. There is no native integration, so we use actions based on webhooks. We run a Lambda every hour to set the correct action to each monitor.

The problem here is that there is always a period of maximum one hour, where no action is attached to a newly created monitor, so no alerts will be sent during that period.

A simple solution would be to allow a default action to be configured in the DEFAULT Notification Profile. That way an action is always attached and we will always be notified.

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With the release of webhook, I'd like to have the possibility to add a default webhook to a Threshold and Availability profile or a Notification profile.

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We are currently working on providing the capability to configure 'Actions' with every attribute inside the Threshold profile. Please find the sample screenshot below:


You can configure a server script/URL/server command to be invoked for any status change of the monitor based on the threhold violation. Hope this addresses your requirement. Please feel free to drop in your suggestions for enhancements. We shall notify you once this feature goes out live.



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