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Add a process or service to a server monitor by api

When we spin up servers we want to be able to add the specific services/processes that are important to that server to be actively monitored.

For instance, say we are spinning up a filemaker service on a windows server, we want that filemaker service to be monitored & we just need to make sure it is monitored so if it crashes or stops we can be alerted.

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Re: Add a process or service to a server monitor by api

Any chance we can get this into the API? We would love to be able to apply a dynamically named service/process to hundreds of servers.

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Re: Re: Add a process or service to a server monitor by api


Thanks for bringing this up. 

We have a feature called 'Configuration Template' (Login and go to Admin > Server Monitor > Configuration Template). Using this feature, users can create a template for services/processes that needs to be monitored. This template can then be mapped to the new server monitors added. 

Please read our documentation on how to create a Configuration Template:


Once a Configuration Template is created, pass the parameter CT with the name of the template created in the field "Value" using command line installation.


For Windows, 

msiexec.exe /i Site24x7WindowsAgent.msi EDITA1=<Device Key> ENABLESILENT=YES REBOOT=ReallySuppress CT=<CONFIGURATION PROFILE NAME>  /qn

For Linux,

./Site24x7_Linux_64bit.install -i -key=<Device Key> -ct=<CONFIGURATION PROFILE NAME>

Hope this fits your requirement. For further queries, please comment below.




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