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Active object monitoring templates

It would be great if I could create and associate monitoring templates with groups of servers.


Template one monitors windows services "Windows Serv 1" and "Windows Serv 2"

Template two monitors windows services "Windows Serv 3" and "Windows Serv 4"


I have these two groups associated with 100 servers.


Tomorrow I realize I missed a service that should be associated with Template two so I add "Windows Serv 5" to that template.  Apparently this only affects newly added servers or servers I go purposely update.  I have servers and staff all over the world.  In order to increase accuracy and reduce labor, it's best to have individual configuration in as few locations as possible.  Forcing customers to have each server's motoring objects be explicitly associated with the server being monitored rather than associating a larger templates is a major opportunity for mistakes.  

Imagine if MS took away active directory group policy and forced administrators to individually configure requirements on the local policy of each node...  That would not go well.  Same thing here.

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Re: Active object monitoring templates

Hi Ragincajunman,

We understand that in order to reflect the newly added services in a configuration template, you are associating the servers with that template every time there is an update.

We will take this up and make sure the update is done automatically whenever there is any change done to a template. We will update this thread once the feature is live.




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