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Acknowledge issues in bulk

It would be highly beneficial to have a bulk acknowledge feature. This would be useful in instances of multiple site/service outage and you want to suppress notifications. One should be able to bulk acknowledge outages, and acknowledging should suppress notifications for some period of time. This should also take into account escalation rules; I believe that if problems have been acknowledged then the escalation notification should not happen either, or it should be configurable on how escalation behaves with regards to acknowledgement.

Right now, there are really only drastic measures to suppress persistent notifications and escalated notifications: a) disable notifications in user profile b) Change notification group or notification profile in bulk c) suspend monitors in bulk d) configure maintenance

None of those options are really desirable and are only half hazard workarounds where you risk messing up your configuration and/or uptime reports, only to suppress notifications of known problems that you are already addressing and no longer need alerts for.
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Re: Acknowledge issues in bulk

Thanks for the detailed request.

When you refer to suppress notifications, I assume you want to turn off only email, SMS, Voice call and mobile push notifications and would still like the monitors to show as down in the Reports.

Do you want to do this when there is a network link instability and server status is flapping? If this is the case, I guess Scheduling a Maintenance is the best option we have right now.

In future, we have plans to do an "acknowledge feature" by introducing an "Alarms" tab. In this option,  a Technician can pick an "Alarm" and work on it. However I have to agree that we did not think through the usecase to avoid any furthur "alerting" if there is flapping while the technician is still working on the problem.  W e will include this when we take this feature up.
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Re: Acknowledge issues in bulk


The "Alarms View" feature was released last week in Site24x7. 

The Alarms view supports the following features:
  • List view that can be categorized based on severity and monitor type.
  • Acknowledge - Provision to acknowledge the alarms.
  • Assign Technician - Ability to assign a technician to resolve the alarm. 
  • Schedule Maintenance - Take quick action and schedule a maintenance 
  • Alarm Details - Alarm Details include details like Inventory, RCA etc. to understand the details about the monitor and recent error details.
  • Commenting - Alarm details facilitates commenting about the outage, so the operators can communicate among themselves to resolve an issue.
  • Easy navigation to other alarms - Navigate to various other alarms without coming back to the main alarm listing page.
Hopefully this will be helpful for you to manage the Alarms efficiently.

Share your feedback regarding this feature. To learn more, please read our blog.

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