Site24x7 integrates with Zoho Directory for a simple, secure, and native user access management

User management poses a significant challenge to business and IT teams alike. Privacy and compliance regulations necessitate restricted access to critical production environments along with any IT tools used within the organization. When personnel transition to new roles, organizations, or departments that no longer require access to production environments, it is imperative that business and IT teams swiftly remove their permissions to avoid any issues that could arise during audits. 

Site24x7 allows IT processes to be managed securely and efficiently, providing multiple data security best practices and integrating with Zoho Directory. This integration simplifies user access management, ensures compliance, and provides improved user management. Additionally, the integration enhances the Site24x7 user access experience along with other Zoho apps and ManageEngine products, making them more powerful, useful, and user-friendly. 

Unlike other monitoring tools, ManageEngine Site24x7 from Zoho provides this Directory integration services (technology) to integrate with your other third-party tools and all its users. 

More about Zoho

Zoho Corp specializes in providing technology solutions that are designed to meet the needs of businesses of all sizes. The comprehensive suite of products to improve operational efficiency, enhance security, and facilitate collaboration include Zoho Directory, Identity access management (IAM), IT service management (ITSM), unified endpoint management (UEM), IT security, and Site24x7, among others. The latest privacy-centric releases include the launch of the Ulaa browser and Zoho Directory. With a strong foundation built in-house, Zoho aims to keep its IT ecosystem self-sufficient, simple, and secure.

What is Zoho Directory?

Zoho Directory, an alternative to Microsoft Active Directory, is a secure platform for workforce identity and access management. With its support for over 250 pre-built integrations with other SaaS services, Zoho Directory offers a seamless experience for users who need to use multiple applications without worrying about login credentials. Its Sign-On module has already been used by over 100 million users of Zoho and ManageEngine, and it has proven to be a reliable solution for meeting the needs of multinational organizations such as Disney, AT&T, and Sony. 

For existing Zoho and ManageEngine customers: How does the Site24x7-Zoho Directory integration work?

Site24x7 uses Zoho Directory to streamline and simplify user management. Be it onboarding new users, reviewing user permissions, or handling their login issues, businesses can manage user access more efficiently with this integration. 
Once you set up your Zoho Directory integration, all your Site24x7 users will be synced with the Zoho Directory service. All changes are actively synced across tools, allowing businesses to utilize the full potential of Zoho Directory for user management in Site24x7.  

Provisioning effective user management by integrating with Zoho Directory

Here's a detailed walk-through of the benefits of this integration:

One password

You can log in to Site24x7 with your system password. With Zoho Directory integration, you can use your system/machine credentials that you configure using Zoho Directory to access Site24x7. 

Configurable password policy

As an administrator, you can ensure secure login by defining the requirements for creating and managing passwords, including length, complexity, and expiration. You can customize them to meet compliance requirements, handle security threats, and adhere to your organization-wide password policies.

Active Directory/LDAP server sync

You no longer have to add users twice, once in your Active Directory (AD) or Lightweight Directory Access Protocol (LDAP) server and once in Site24x7. With the Zoho Directory integration, simply install the Zoho Directory AD sync tool, and your AD users and AD groups will be automatically synced to Zoho Directory. With conditional assignment in Zoho Directory, you can define which group of users should have Site24x7 access and with what role. With this, new employees can be given Site24x7 access automatically without any manual intervention while onboarding.
You can also import users from cloud identity services like Azure Active Directory to Zoho Directory.

Access reports for users, logins, applications, and MFA

Similar to Site24x7 reports, Zoho Directory provides complete visibility into your organization's user activity with the help of these reports:
  • User reports
  • Sign-in reports
  • Application reports
  • MFA reports
With the Zoho Directory integration, users can save time on regular user management activities as it also allows you to:
  • Auto-verify users
  • Reset passwords
  • Sync user data automatically

Site24x7: The privacy-focused monitoring tool

Security and privacy have always been our priority. Over and above the security Zoho Directory already provides, Site24x7 offers additional features to make it even more secure:
  • MFA for added security during logins and to prevent unauthorized access
  • TLS 1.2 and above encryption to ensure that all data in transit is secure
  • SAML single sign-on (SSO), Okta login, and biometric authentication for improving security by reducing the risk of password-related security breaches
  • Data centers in the US, EU, India, China, Japan, and Australia with redundancy to ensure that your data stays within regional boundaries
  • Compliance with all major security standards and regulations, including ISO/IEC 27001, SOC 2, and the GDPR, along with regional data center security standards

Manage your users with ease

Directory integration is a critical component of modern IT infrastructure, and Site24x7 helps customers save time and effort while improving the security and productivity of their employees. 

Start integrating your Site24x7 accounts with Zoho Directory for seamless account management and user experience. If you have any queries, comments, or concerns, feel free to write to us or respond to this thread.

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