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Last month, I was caught in a tight spot. The website I was working on couldn't go live because I couldn't comprehend its sitemap! Yes, it does sound trivial, but the XML sitemap that my colleague shared didn't have the right indentation and the elements and attributes were all clustered together. I couldn't identify the right tags to make the required changes and get the website up. One thing that could have saved my day was a formatting tool. A tool that would format and highlight the data so that one could comprehend the sitemap at a glance.


Are you also in search of such a tool? A tool that makes reading XML documents a cakewalk? Well then, we have something for you. Here's Site24x7 XML Formatter, a tool that highlights and properly indents any clustered XML document.

Quick and Easy Tool
This tool formats your XML document and displays it in a color-highlighted element tree. The data is aligned with proper indentation on the client side, and is not sent to the Site24x7 central server. That is, the output is readily available to you. Working with the tool is fairly straightforward; simply paste your XML code in the text box and click the format button to have the perfectly formatted XML document displayed.


So, what are you waiting for? Get started on the Site24x7 XML Formatter today! Also, try the JSON Formatter and Validator and make reading your JSON strings a walk in the park!
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