Time for Pingdom Customers to Consider an Exit Strategy of Their Own

Well, another day, another acquisition in the tech world. This time, it's SolarWinds acquiring Pingdom, presumably to participate in the fast growing, cloud-based application performance management market.

But history has proved that great product strategies can't be acquired and acquired product strategies can't be sustained. Great products are meticulously and thoughtfully developed over time. There is no way to accelerate the process, no silver bullet to eliminate the hard work.

Compounding the challenge, acquisitions and financial engineering are parts of the DNA in most tech companies. Some are backed by venture capitalists or private equity. Others answer to “the street". Either way, the typical tech company has a short time horizon when it comes to return on investment. Thus, exit strategies trump any real, long-term product commitments.

In contrast, we're building Site24x7 for the long haul, not a fast exit. We answer to our customers, not the financial community. Over the last several years, we have methodically built a cloud-based management solution that is relied on by Cisco, GSK, Whyndham Worldwide, London Stock Exchange and thousands of other IT organizations, platform providers, and managed service providers around the globe.

No doubt, Site24x7 is leading edge. It is the only solution that provides website and web application monitoring, server monitoring, public and private cloud monitoring, and application performance monitoring in one service.

And unlike Pingdom, Site24x7 lets you:

  • Monitor Windows and Linux servers from the cloud
  • Identify code-level production performance problems with Oracle Java, Microsoft .NET, and Ruby on Rails applications
  • Monitor public and private clouds, including industry-leading virtualization platform VMware and IaaS platforms like Amazon Web Services (AWS)
  • Monitor private network resources using Site24x7's On-Premise Poller technology
  • For more detailed comparison, visit Alternative to Pingdom page.

That kind of functionality and scale only comes from dedication and fortitude that are precluded by exit strategies and monetization events.

Who is hurt the most by exit-based product strategies? Well, the customers, of course. If history is any indication, Pingdom customers can look forward to higher prices and less innovation. Remember the free edition of Web Help Desk? SolarWinds discontinued it shortly after acquiring that company, and the price now starts at $695.

Site24x7 is here, now and into the future. We (Site24x7 is a division of Zoho Corp.) are private, profitable, and proud to serve our customers. In fact, we are offering existing Pingdom customers an annual Site24x7 Business Pack for free.

Oh, and we'll extend that offer to customers of any other acquired companies. Hint: Hyper9, N-able, Confio... Did we miss any? No worries, Site24x7 will be here because our strategy is “all in, no exit.”

Register and get a one year subscription to the Site24x7 Business Pack for FREE!

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