The Wimbledon Final, Roger Federer and E-Commerce Transactions

The Wimbledon Final yesterday, was an epic battle between two great Tennis players : Roger Federer Vs Andy Roddick.~ The game was exhilarating to say the least. The scores :

5-7 7-6 7-6 3-6 16-14

Last game, 16 - 14 ! That makes it actually a 6 sets match. While watching the match, my mind was just trying to think what was going through the minds of the two players. Both had very powerful serves, both were superbly fit players, played great tennis with huge amount of concentration. However both made surprisingly unusual errors (an eg. mishitting the ball high up and ending with the ball going out). Federer was making it (unforced errors) too frequently all along until the 11th game of the last set. While Andy did it in the last game of the last set. It proved too costly for Andy though. He lost the game and with that the championship. That's how websites too could behave. Even if you have the most powerful servers, you still can have trouble with a few revenue critical web transactions which can affect your bottom-line. These transactions could work fine most of the time, but the few times it misbehaves could cost your dear. Why would these transactions fail ?

  • Lots of users coming to your website during peak hours.
  • New update made by your development team caused a transaction to fail under certain conditions. Eg: when selecting the option, "Book by ISBN number" the transaction failed.

These failed transactions could even have been high valued transactions. That is why you need to monitor your e-commerce transactions and take corrective actions immediately. Customers visit your website with an intention to make a decision and buy immediately. This means, your website should not only respond quickly but also support the other transactions consistently. With site24x7 Web Application Monitoring capability, you can make sure your e-commerce transactions work as expected. Lets take an example of an Online Book Store. John is a graduate student and looking to buy a book on Economics. He is trying to find the lowest prices offered on the web. John searches for different websites offering this. He tries to open up 5 to 10 sites that got listed in search results for the book he wants. Some of the sites did not load itself, he just closes those browser windows. Narrows down to a few good ones site A and site B.~ Site A lists the book for $10 and in Site B its present for $9. He decides to buy from Site B. However Site B was broken when it comes to the step to make the payment when he used the "ISBN number" to buy the book. He goes to the Site A and tries to buy from there. He is successful and was happy it was real quick too. He did not regret paying that extra dollar. Site A won this customer !~ Though this transaction is worth just $10, where do you think John will go the next time ? Trust is worth more than just the first transaction. With Site24x7 you can make sure your e-commerce transactions work as advertised. Know more about web application monitoring.

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