Take the grunt out of JSON and JS - Minifiers, Beautifiers and Formatter tools

Being a web developer is no easy job. From debugging lines of errors to figuring out potential solutions for complex problems, one has to stay cool  to get things done. In order to make things easier for you, we've come up with a list of tools that addresses your pain point and saves your time. Read along to learn why JSON  minifierJS minifierJS  beautifier  ,  JSON beautifier  and  JSON  formatters   should be  inevitable parts of your web development kit.

 Minifier, Beautifier and Formatter tools


Minifier - Less is more !

Minification is the process of reducing the overall file size of your JSON / JS  code by removing all the unnecessary  details  from the code file. In general, minifier works by  analyzing  and rewriting the text based parts of a website to reduce its overall file size. This extends to  script /style sheet/other components  being used by the web browser to render the site.

 Minified code

Web server uses the minified file when responding to web requests, resulting in lower bandwidth usage, without sacrificing the functionality of your code. Minification helps in faster page loading by reducing your page rendering time,  file size and thus optimizing your bandwidth consumption. Minification also obfuscates your code from being copied or used by others.

Let's take a JSON file for example. The size of the file before and after minification would make clear the significance of minification.

 Before and after minification

Beautifier - Discover the secret sauce in the code stack 

Have you ever looked at the design of a website and wondered how it was coded but halted by the minified code? Well, here comes beautifier to your rescue. 

A beautifer works in the exact reverse process of a minifier. It helps you convert messy, obfuscated JSON / JS  code into human readable format. This tool also comes in handy during debugging issues. Let's say, you identified an issue after minifying your web files.You can now   convert  the  minified  code into readable format with  beautifier  that  would help fix issues in your code .


Beautified code


Keeping your code organized can help you in the long run. And that's why we have added formatters to our all inclusive tool kit. Formatters convert your code into properly indentated, error free ones. For instance, you can debug your JSON code into human readable format with JSON  formatter. 

That's not all. Keep watching this space for our next set of tools that would make web development easier and interesting.

To get a detailed look at any of the tools that we offer, check our Developer's section . We have got it all covered!  

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