Shrink your IT budgets, not your observability needs

Are you getting value for every dollar spent on IT monitoring tools?

Amidst the prevailing global economic turbulence, budgets are shrinking, and every dollar spent counts. However, Gartner forecasts a 5.1% growth in worldwide IT spending for 2023. Enterprises implement digital technologies to cope with layoffs and keep their systems up. The million-dollar question is: Is the monitoring output worth the cost of the monitoring solution?

In recent days, the internet has been buzzing with speculation about a crypto company that reportedly spent a staggering $65 million on Datadog during the year 2022. 

Another Datadog customer says, "We're letting our yearly commitment to Datadog, a performance and monitoring tool, expire at the end of this month. Not because we don't like the service. But because the $88,000/year it was going to cost us to continue is just ridiculous. And it's emblematic of a larger issue: Enterprise SaaS pricing is getting silly."

Online forums are fraught with discussions from customers ranting about the high price of enterprise SaaS monitoring.

Is it worth spending your entire IT budget on monitoring? 

We all know monitoring is critical to ensure business uptime and avoid outages. However, it's essential to cap expenditure. Wouldn't it be ridiculous if your monitoring expense exceeds your infrastructure costs? And what if none of your cost-cutting suggestions provide a remedy for surprise elements like increased volumes of logs and critical metrics?

If you're deciding whether to spend your whole budget on monitoring or compromise on visibility over your tech stack, there is a third option—you can optimize your spending using an alternative, cost-effective tool, and get the best of both worlds.

Looking for a budget-friendly monitoring solution?

Site24x7 is a full-stack monitoring platform from ManageEngine, a division of Zoho Corporation, which has been in the market for over 15 years. Site24x7 is a powerful tool that can monitor Zoho's entire IT stack, which caters to the IT needs of 80 million global users. 

With its in-house tech architecture and strong foundation, Site24x7 can meet all the monitoring needs of your organization, too, and it's cost-effective. With data centers in the US, Europe, China, Japan, India, and Australia, ManageEngine guarantees data security and privacy, and offers security-centric features like biometric authentication and directory integration to provide seamless user access management.

According to the 451 Research M&A KnowledgeBase from S&P Global Market Intelligence, 21 DevSecOps tools underwent acquisitions in 2021, leaving customers of those tools facing issues like loss of control, increased costs, and loss of support and features. As a company, Zoho is entirely private, bootstrapped, and has no plans to undergo a merge or commence end of life for Site24x7.  

Site24x7 goes above and beyond infrastructure and application performance analysis by providing comprehensive monitoring for your entire tech stack, including websites, web security, applications, cloud services, networks, and legacy and modern servers. It also provides out-of-the-box dashboards and reports, along with a rich set of platform features, allowing you to customize how you monitor your resources. 

Site24x7 regularly releases features to stay on par with the industry and customer needs—for example, its upcoming generative AI integration.

The pricing factor

Site24x7 has been a market favorite for the features it offers at an affordable price.  Read what our customers have to say

Site24x7's pricing starts at $9/month to monitor 5 servers or cloud services, $9/month to monitor 10 websites, and $35/month to monitor three applications. Site24x7's pricing is simple, and you can purchase add-ons for additional resources as needed, so you won't have any surprise bills. 

All paid plans come with free phone, chat, and email support. Visit our pricing page for more information. 

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