Offer Value Added Services To Your Customers With Site24x7- WHMCS Integration.

If you are a Managed Service Provider (MSP) or in the business of Web hosting/domain registration, web site and server monitoring solutions can be an attractive value add to your service offerings. Site24x7-WHMCS Integration offers you an incredible opportunity to expand your portfolio with a range of exciting value-add options.

Announcing the Site24x7-WHMCS Integration

The integration, that is made possible by means of a downloadable plugin, lets you easily integrate and showcase Site24x7 services to~ your end-users from your existing WHMCS platform. And this without having to maintain separate platforms for billing or end-user management.

With the support for WHMCS your customers have a versatile self-service interface where they can buy Site24x7 website monitoring services and configure products. WHMCS also allows you have an all-in-one console to manage all your customers and services subscribed by them.


How complicated is the integration process ?

Not at all! The integration process is minimal in that it requires you to download a software plugin and follow an installation wizard that will help you complete the setup.~ Upon completion, you can resell Site24x7 services to your end-customers via your existing WHMCS set up.




  • Sell all Site24x7 monitoring services under your own brand from one integrated platform.

  • Easily integrate Site24x7 module in your existing WHMCS platform without any change in your website set up.

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Update: Refer to the latest update on WHMCS integration. Become a partner, install the plugin, configure Site24x7, and start your monitoring journey.

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