Monitor your DNS Servers with DNS Server Monitor

Author: ArunWe had introduced the 'DNS Monitor' monitor type in Site24x7 a few weeks ago. Since then, we've already had quite a few users coming back to us with positive feedback about this monitor type. This article discusses configuring a DNS Server monitor in Site24x7 and monitoring your DNS servers with it. As you all know, Domain Name Servers (DNS) are an indispensable part of today's internet use. The most important use of DNS server is translating human-readable domain names to machine-readable ip addresses. If your organization's DNS servers are down or not functioning properly, it might lead to problems for your end users. They might be directed to a different website than you meant. Multiple services such as mail servers or proxy servers might get affected. Therefore, it is important to monitor DNS servers regularly to avoid problems. The 'DNS monitor' feature will help you check your DNS server to ensure it is up and running as well as resolving domain names correctly. Configuring a DNS monitor is very easy. Just login to your Site24x7 account, click 'Monitor DNS Server' link from the top band or from the right side links section. The DNS Monitor screen will be displayed. Enter DNS host name, port number (default 53), domain name, ip address and the monitoring interval. To find out DNS host name and ip address, you can use DNS Lookup - our free online tool. Click 'Add' to complete the configuration.

Once added, our servers will attempt to connect to the DNS port (53) of the host. If no response is received, the server is considered unavailable. The DNS Server Monitor will be listed in the 'Home' tab and you can view uptime and performance stats.

You can also set thresholds on response time and get notified if your DNS server slows down. What are your views on the DNS Monitor? Send in your feedback to

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