Mobile APM best practices to ensure top user experiences

Whether you are a solopreneur or the owner of a large business, think about the instances on your website or app when customers feel irritated, stuck, or frustrated on their mobile screens. Be it an app slowdown, broken flow, or irregular functionality, a mobile application performance issue can make or mar a business's reputation quicker than ever before, especially since mobile phones have become the primary screens for many users.

Digital users expect native mobile applications to be faster than their web versions and to provide an unmatched user experience without any bottlenecks across users' journeys. Over a decade ago, Amazon famously claimed that an added 100 milliseconds of latency cost it a totally avoidable 1% in sales. Today, this percentage would be much higher, considering the expected app performance speeds in vogue. As users have high standards when it comes to the availability, performance, and security of mobile websites and apps, a glitch or two can push them to switch to competitors.

When they find a better experience elsewhere, they hardly return. According to Fyresite, only 0.5% of consumer apps succeed, as the majority are abandoned by dissatisfied users and fail forever. So, how do app owners gain a thorough understanding of how their mobile apps always perform and grasp a comprehensive set of metrics that matter? Though there are Google's Android vitals and Apple's MetricKit to gauge your mobile application's user experience metrics, the complex dependencies of your application stack necessitate an observability platform like Site24x7 for completely understanding their functionality and ensuring the best performance.

Best practices for success in your mobile APM optimization

  • Unearth all the client-side performance challenges to deliver a uniform user experience across a variety of devices, networks, and geographies.
  • Understand what mobile app users really want. Learn the thresholds of how fast, efficient, and secure users want your application to be. Strive to provide an overall frictionless user experience that ensures the highest uptime, glitch-free performance, and top security.
  • Adopt a minimalistic design by understanding the user interface elements that lead to slow loading times and improper functioning. Eliminate everything that prevents a great user experience.
  • Chart your KPIs for mobile app performance based on the popularity, volume of usage, stickiness (the duration of continued engagement), speed metrics, crash data, and usability metrics.
  • Learn the key metrics that gauge mobile app performance, such as the rendering times, cold and warm start times, and tolerance limits, and collect and analyze crash data.
  • Implement solutions such as code rendering optimization and lazy resource loading to give your app servers the breathing space to load the rest of the app while providing what is immediately necessary upfront.

What app owners can do with Site24x7?

  • Know all your server-side performance challenges across cloud servers, API calls, and other computational elements on your end.
  • Grasp all network-related issues, such as latency and CDN challenges, that have to be eliminated to ensure globally uniform reach and performance.
  • Calculate mobile app vitals such as the frequency of performance fluctuations, slow rendering times, and longer cold starts.
  • Use real user monitoring to gauge granular performance issues and continuously optimize your code.
  • Navigate Site24x7's unified dashboards to think holistically. Gain actionable insights at every step of the way to reduce the MTTR and ensure reliable app performance.
  • Identify where your app users drop off or the app crashes, learn digital frustration points and conduct detailed root cause analysis sessions. Study metrics, trends, and real-world scenarios to drill down on issues across devices, operating systems, and geographies.
  • Set up alerts to be notified when critical metrics exceed predefined thresholds. This allows you to address performance issues proactively before they affect many users.

The expectations that mobile app owners must contend with are steep, indeed. Native iOS and Android performance benchmarks have become highly stringent, leaving little room for errors or uncertainties. Also, measuring app performance according to frameworks such as React Native and Flutter adds more complexities to monitoring. Adding even more complexities are the myriad ways each constituent is linked across other microservices through a variety of APIs and delivered to everyone across the globe using CDNs.

Site24x7 is an enterprise-grade observability solution for DevOps and ITOps. The platform provides a comprehensive set of tools for monitoring your digital experience to ensure that your business app stays dynamic, scales up rapidly, and always outperforms user expectations with jet-fast onboarding, a fluid design, crash-free flows, and latency-free performance. Try Site24x7's mobile APM solution today.

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