Adding automation to monitoring: Azure troubleshooting simplified

The transition from traditional on-premises IT infrastructure to the public cloud has brought substantial relief to IT decision-makers and sysadmins. Since many organizations use Microsoft Windows as their preferred operating system, Microsoft Azure has become the public cloud provider of choice automatically owing to a familiar GUI and Active Directory sync. Nevertheless, as business-critical assets continue their migration to the public cloud, effective Azure resource monitoring becomes indispensable to ensure digital resilience. In this blog, we will explore the compelling reasons for incorporating the combination of automation and monitoring into your troubleshooting tool kit.

Outages happen, but are you prepared?

In the realm of enterprise-level organizations, where tens of thousands of virtual machines (VMs) and numerous other cloud-native resources like Azure Data Factory are the norm, outages are an unfortunate reality. These outages (officially reported by Azure's official status page) can occur due to various reasons, ranging from connectivity issues (as seen on September 16, 2023) to hardware faults (such as the cooling failure reported on August 30, 2023) and service disruptions (like the log data access issue on July 6, 2023).

While not all outages can be averted, the key is to minimize your mean time to repair and to stay digitally resilient, two critical factors in any business continuity plan. This is precisely where robust monitoring solutions come into play. A vigilant monitoring system, such as Site24x7's Azure monitoring, can swiftly identify the affected services, pinpoint root causes, and provide detailed insights.

Benefits of automation

Imagine your enterprise relies on Azure VMs, numbering in the hundreds or thousands, to ensure uninterrupted access to products and services. During periods of high demand, VM CPU utilization may exceed critical thresholds, potentially causing outages.

Sometimes, automated remediation is more efficient than manual intervention. By seamlessly integrating Azure IT automation into your monitoring setup, Site24x7 can automatically respond to critical CPU utilization (e.g., 90%) or VM outages. It can initiate actions like VM restarts on your behalf, eliminating the need for around-the-clock manual monitoring and intervention.

How can you set up automation and monitoring?

Integrating Azure IT automation into your existing Site24x7 Azure monitoring subscription is a straightforward process outlined in this help document. Here, you'll find instructions on configuring IT automation and an exhaustive list of available services and remediation actions.

By harnessing automation, you not only streamline Azure troubleshooting but also liberate valuable time and resources. This empowers your IT teams to focus on strategic initiatives while Site24x7 efficiently manages the rest.

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