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aws health dashboard

AWS services have faced many outages in the past and the impact of these outages is well known in the tech world. Multiple AWS services are affected during such scenarios, which drastically impact customers and businesses. When business-critical applications are hosted on AWS, it becomes necessary for businesses to adopt fool-proof methods to avoid outages. An outage can be a wake-up call for enterprises to create business continuity plans and implement a solution to monitor AWS health. 

AWS Health Dashboard

Amazon Web Services' AWS Health Dashboard gives you real time insights about the status of your AWS resources, services, and accounts. It provides personalized communication to notify you of potential AWS resource performance or availability concerns and provides remediation advice. An AWS health monitor provides alerts when the health of an AWS resource changes, including scheduled maintenance events or unforeseen AWS outages.

The AWS Health Dashboard, a feature of the AWS Health service, sends you proactive notifications, aggregates health events across AWS organizations, controls access through IAM, and offers detailed troubleshooting guidance. For instance, if there is an hardware issue that affects one of your Amazon Elastic Block Store (EBS) volumes, the alert from the AWS Health Dashboard provides a list of affected resources, recommended actions, and help links to restore your volume. Using these alerts, you can reduce your mean time to repair (MTTR).

Site24x7 and the AWS Health Dashboard

Site24x7's integration with the AWS Health Dashboard gives you a unified platform to view and identify the events and issues that are affecting your AWS resources. With Site24x7's AWS Health Dashboard integration, you can gain insights about your AWS services and accounts during AWS outages.

Service availability

The AWS Health Dashboard allows you to create events for service availability in an AWS region. For instance, after integrating with Site24x7, you will receive notifications for events. You can review the event description to understand the issue, identify any affected resources, and take any recommended actions so to ensure your AWS resources are not affected.

Health monitors

The AWS Health Dashboard allows you to track the availability of your resources and view the number of past health events based on categories like region, services, and event type. You can analyze how health events affect your AWS resources and manage events by configuring notifications using advanced settings. The IT Automation feature in Site24x7 lets you configure thresholds and receive alerts for the affected resources.

Once integrated with the AWS Health Dashboard, Site24x7 provides the following three monitors to view and identify the events and issues affecting your AWS resources:

  • Issue: This monitor helps you identify the health events under the issue category. Common events in this category include communications about operational issues that are causing service degradation or localized resource-level issues you need to know about.

  • AccountNotification: This monitor sends you notifications for health events, including certificate rotations, billing notifications, and security vulnerabilities.

  • ScheduledChange: This monitor notifies you about upcoming events that provide information about changes to your resources.

Site24x7's AWS Health Dashboard monitor is available for all Site24x7 subscription holders, both paid and evaluation users. Safeguard your AWS services with active monitoring of all your services to run your business in a resilient way. For AWS Health  Dashboard integration, refer to our documentation. To learn more about AWS monitoring capabilities, visit Site24x7 

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