VMware Datastore Monitoring

Monitor and manage various metrics of your VMware vSphere datastores including storage, latency, and snapshot size. View AI-based forecast for datastore space metrics and ensure proper capacity planning.

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Get the full picture of your VMware datastore performance

All About Datastores

View data on every storage aspect of your datastores—free space, used space, capacity, snapshots, swap file space, disk file space, and log file size—with real-time graphs. Use these metrics to plan your storage requirements and space distribution.

More About Associated VMs

Obtain stats on your virtual machine's critical performance metrics like read latency, write latency, read rate, write rate, average read requests per second, average write requests per second, and log file size.

Stay on top of all performance issues

Manage datastores at ease
  • Identify top VMs by space occupied.
  • Pinpoint critical VMs with higher read/write latencies.
  • Locate additional space requirements.
  • Detect VMs demanding dedicated space.
  • Track increases in snapshot and swap file size.
  • Obtain stats on virtual disk space occupancy.
  • Monitor VMware snapshots for their age and size, their impact on the associated datastores, and avert performance degradation issues in VMs.

All your datastore management needs in a single dashboard

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Getting started with monitoring your virtual storage repository

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