IT monitoring solution for banking, financial services, and insurance

IT performance monitoring and analytics for banking applications, POS systems, branches, and hubs.

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IT monitoring solution for banking, financial services, and insurance

Keep your financial records secure

ManageEngine Site24x7 complies with regional security standards and stores data within geographical boundaries.

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For CIOs

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Real-time visibility

Obtain complete visibility into the health and performance of your core banking and e-banking applications, servers, data storage systems, networks, and websites from a unified console.

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Secure, compliant monitoring

Ensure your IT ecosystem and allied data are monitored and secured according to BFSI industry regulations and data protection standards.


A scalable solution

Handle growing data and infrastructure without compromising quality—because our monitoring solution is SaaS-based.


Dashboards and reports for analysis

Monitor your business KPIs on a customizable dashboard and generate periodic reports to make data-driven decisions by identifying trends and planning for future IT requirements.

Resource health overview dashboard

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For DevOps and site reliability engineers (SREs)

Site reliability engineers
Server performance data

Core banking applications

Monitor core banking system apps and payment processing apps across traditional, cloud, or Kubernetes (via PersistentVolumes or Helm charts) environments with seamless integrations using Site24x7 APM Insight.

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Legacy servers

Ensure continuous availability and high performance for legacy banking servers, like IBM mainframes, that handle customer activity . Auto-heal common issues, like a full disk, by configuring automatic cleanup using IT Automation.

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Cloud-native infrastrcuture

Optimize resource usage by following best practices when adopting AWS, Azure, and GCP services. Analyze the cluster health, primary and secondary node status, and resource utilization for Kubernetes and Docker deployments.

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CI/CD pipelines

Ensure continuous deployment with thorough monitoring of the code and underlying infrastructure while merging deployments from multiple teams. Also, monitor the performance of GitLab and Jenkins to ensure error-free deliveries.

For NOC engineers

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Critical workflows

Track the availability, page load, and response times of your banking websites . Simulate account registration, login, and other critical workflows from over 120 global locations and get informed before your customers are affected.

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Real user activity and digital security

Analyze how customers interact with financial planning suites, insurance sites, and investment platforms in real time using real user monitoring. Deliver a secure digital experience by monitoring domain and SSL certificate expiration dates.

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Mobile app functioning

Assess the performance of mobile banking, insurance, and personal finance management apps using Site24x7 Mobile APM. Analyze performance across different devices, carriers, and geographical locations and obtain insights into app crashes.

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API monitoring

Ensure successful customer onboarding and compliance with regulations by tracking the effectiveness of the electronic know your customer (e-KYC) verification process using metrics like the availability, response time, and success rate of the APIs.

Monitoring critical workflows for financial website logins

Helping BFSI firms stay compliant with regional standards

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API-based logging

Leverage Site24x7's APIs to connect with the centralized Logging and Monitoring Mechanism (LAMA) for periodic reporting and compliance.

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Compliance checks for cloud services

Look for security vulnerabilities and analyze if your AWS cloud infrastructure complies with global security and regulatory standards like the PCI DSS, NIST, and CIS Controls.

Empower your BFSI ecosystem with Site24x7's cutting-edge monitoring solution

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