Printer Monitoring Tool

Printer monitoring helps you track the performance of crucial printer components like the marker, toner, and ink levels using SNMP counters. You can resolve printer performance issues and ensure high throughput of all printers on your LAN with Site24x7's printer monitoring software.

Manage your Epson, Canon, and HP printers easily using our printer monitoring tool.

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Benefits of using a printer monitoring tool

Discover your network printers automatically

Automatically discover the printers in your network and add them for monitoring. You can also view the network structure using topology maps.

Track custom metrics of your printer monitors

With simple customization, you can monitor the performance of any printer(with SNMP support) from any vendor.

Obtain multi-vendor support with device templates

Gain out-of-the-box support for vendors including HP, Epson, Canon, D-Link, Konika, Xerox, Dell, HBM, and RICOH with predefined templates for each device vendor.

Avert issues with precise downtime notifications

Stay up-to-date and respond to alerts quickly with timely notifications. Get email, SMS, voice calls, instant messenger, RSS, and push notifications about downtime.

Use Site24x7 printer monitoring to get real-time data

Current toner level (for each color)

The toner level for colors like black, yellow, magenta, and cyan.

Total simplex/ duplex pages printed/ scanned

The toner level for colors like black, yellow, magenta, and cyan.

Printer error status

Displays if there's a problem with the printer (For example, Low/ no supply of paper/ toner, paper is jammed, etc.).

Printer status

Displays the current status of the printer (For example, Idle, printing, warming up, unknown, etc.).

Pages printed

The total number of pages printed.

Average marker life count

The number of pages printed per minute.

Memory utilization

The device's memory utilization.

Papers in the tray

The count of papers left in the tray and available for printing.

Total scanned and copied pages

The total number of pages scanned or copied.

Remaining Toner in Cartridge

The percentage of toner level left in the cartridge.

Monitor metrics for different printers

  • HP printers
  • Canon printers
  • Kyocera printers
  • Xerox printers
  • Toshiba 477sl printers
  • DLink DP 301U printers
  • Epson printers
  • EFI Fiery Color printer servers
  • Lexmark printers
  • Konica Minolta printers
  • Zebra printers
  • And more.

View all printer performance metrics from a single dashboard

All about printer monitoring

FAQs on printer monitoring

1. How can printer monitoring improve operational efficiency in an office?

Implementing a printer monitoring solution allows a business to optimize operational efficiency by gaining valuable insights into its printing infrastructure.

  • Improved visibility into printer usage

    Identify whether there is excessive printing, implement print quotas, and educate employees on responsible printing practices. By doing so, organizations can reduce paper and ink wastage, lower printing costs, and ultimately improve their bottom line.

  • Proactively identify printer issues

    Receive instant alerts and notifications about printer errors, low ink or toner levels, and other issues in real time. This helps organizations quickly address these problems, reduce downtime, and ensure that operations continue to run without interruption.

  • Easily schedule maintenance

    Use print data analysis to identify printers that require regular maintenance or replacement. This helps organizations schedule maintenance activities in advance, which prevents unexpected breakdowns and ensures that printers function optimally.

  • Streamline printer management

    Keep track of and manage multiple printers from a single dashboard. This system allows network administrators to monitor each printer's status remotely, configure print settings, update firmware, and troubleshoot issues without the need to visit each printer physically.

Printers can be a vulnerable entry point for cyber-attacks. These seemingly harmless office machines can pose significant threats to data confidentiality, integrity, and availability. By monitoring printers effectively, organizations can mitigate potential risks and enhance data security.

  • Detect unauthorized access to sensitive data

    Printers can be vulnerable to data breaches due to their temporary storage of confidential information. This can lead to unauthorized access or sensitive data theft. By monitoring printer activities, suspicious or unauthorized access attempts can be detected and stopped quickly.

  • Track and control printing activities

    Tracking and controlling printing activities can help identify any abnormal or excessive printing, which may indicate potential security breaches or data leaks. For instance, an employee printing several documents outside of their regular working hours could be a sign of data theft or unauthorized disclosure. Printer monitoring allows organizations to investigate such incidents and take appropriate actions to mitigate risks.

  • Ensure compliance with data protection regulations

    Organizations can implement security protocols, such as requiring user authentication before printing, encrypting print jobs, or restricting printing to authorized personnel only. Printer monitoring enables organizations to monitor and enforce these policies effectively, ensuring that sensitive information is securely handled and in compliance with relevant regulations.

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