Introducing Domain Expiry Monitoring.

You can now actively monitor the availability of your domain name and continuously monitor the upcoming domain expiry date by setting regular reminders.

By specifying a domain expiry threshold, and with all the data including alerting that you receive from Site24x7, you can easily renew your domain address and maintain ownership of the same. Domain expiry monitor polls your domain records once every day and gathers critical domain registration details like domain registration date, domain expiry date, last modified date, and days to expire.

Now keep a close watch on your domain's expiry date and get notified at a preset time period prior to your domain's expiry.

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Webhooks: Connect Site24x7 with any third-party app.

Now you can streamline your critical Site24x7 alarms, incidents or messages in any third-party service using Webhooks.

Webhooks work on an event based output mechanism. Specific events generated in Site24x7 triggers the Webhook, which in-turn invokes a signal to the Hook URL via a HTTP request. Any trigger event in Site24x7 will post the event data to the Hook URL specified by you.

Additionally, with our On-Premise Poller support for Webhook integration, you can post event information to any internal application.

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Integrated MSP portal view in the mobile apps.

Our latest mobile app update (iOS app ver. 3.5.1 and Android app ver.4.3.1) lets you view our brand new MSP portal from within the app. This update comes along with a series of enhancements and bug fixes. Read our community post to learn more.

Bulk installation of Server Monitoring Agent.

You can now install the agent in multiple machines in one go, based on the server infrastructure you support. With the bulk installation feature, you can install the agent in thousands of servers in a matter of minutes.

Server infrastructure: Bulk installation methods

Windows: Remote Commands | Active Directory | Custom Scripts | Remote Installation.

Linux: Chef | Puppet | SaltStack | Ansible | Remote Installation using SSH.

Azure VM Extension: Additionally, Azure users can now add a Windows or a Linux monitor in a more simplified way without the need of downloading the agent.

Introducing APM Insight Alerts.

Always stay on top of your application performance with APM Insight Alerts. This latest feature in Site24x7 APM Insight will notify you whenever your application monitor goes into a 'Troubled' state. You can configure threshold values for metrics like average response time, error count and exceptional count for your application monitors and get alerted via email or SMS.

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Introducing Thread Profiling in APM Insight.

We are excited to roll out thread profiling for Java and .NET agents in APM Insight. Thread profiling enables you to see time consuming threads that cause slowness in your applications.

The most time-consuming threads are listed along with the methods invoked, CPU time, and memory allocation details. Additionally, the methods consuming more time from these profiled threads are auto instrumented ie., they are tracked for their performance whenever accessed by the application.

Get notified on agent failures in your EC2 instances.

An agent deployed on your EC2 instance may fail to push data due to intermittent network issues or instance resource constraints, in such a scenario, you can now set up alerts and get notified to stay on top of issues.

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