3Com Device Monitoring

Monitor the performance of 3Com devices from the cloud with Site24x7 3Com monitoring tool.

3Com device analytics and performance monitoring

Monitor, analyze, and manage your 3Com HiPer Access Router, LANplex Switch and more for their status, availability, and performance. With the automatic discovery, all you have to do is just connect to your devices' SNMP MIBs to get started.

You can track traffic and all other performance counters at the interface level. Stay on top of outages with instant alerts on your mobile device for a complete network management.

3Com Network Monitoring Tool

3Com performance monitoring metrics

Bandwidth Metrics

  • Drop events statistics
  • Total number of collisions

CPU Metrics

  • CPU temperature
  • Process count
  • CPU utilization
  • CPU utilization (UCD SNMP MIB)

Memory Metrics

  • Disk utilization
  • Free disk space in GB and MB
  • Jabber packets
  • Memory utilization
  • Memory utilization (UCD SNMP MIB)
  • Number of fragments
  • Oversized packets
  • Packets received
  • Packets to BC address
  • Packets to MC address
  • Undersized packets
  • Used disk space in GB and MB

Other Metrics

  • Partition details of the device (%)
  • Process count

Out-of-the-box support for 3Com devices

In addition to supporting the following devices, you can monitor 'n' number of them by creating custom device templates.

  • 3Com HiPer Access Router
  • 3Com Hub
  • 3Com 3226 Switch
  • 3Com LANplex Switch
  • 3Com Access Builder Switch
  • 3Com Baseline 2226 Plus Switch
  • 3Com CoreBuilder Switch
  • 3Com 3500G - EI Switch
  • 3Com SuperStack II Switch
  • 3Com SuperStack II 3000 Switch
  • 3Com 4200G Switch
  • 3Com 5500 Switch
  • 3Com OfficeConnect Switch
  • 3Com Baseline 2426-PWR Plus Switch
  • 3Com SuperStack III Switch
  • 3Com SuperStack 3 Switch 4500 26-Port
  • 3Com 2000 Wireless Access Point
  • 3Com 6000 Wireless Access Point
  • 3Com 8000 Wireless Access Point
  • 3Com 8760 Wireless Access point

How Site24x7 monitors 3Com devices?

  • Automatically discovers SNMP devices by connecting to its MIB.
  • Chooses from over 10,000 default templates or allows you to customize based on your requirements.
  • Thoroughly monitors key metrics at the interface level.
  • Allows you to add over 100 performance counters of your choice.
  • Sends processed SNMP trap messages from your devices.
  • Creates layer 2 maps and topology maps.
  • Sends prompt alerts about downtime.
  • Displays graphs of key performance stats.
  • Generates predefined and customizable reports.
Obtain graphs on traffic and other critical metrics

Get more than just performance data


Scales to monitor thousands of network devices

Network Discovery

Add multiple devices at once using an IP range

Alerts and Reports

Get timely downtime alerts, and view reports with graphs

High Availability

Ensure high network availability by optimizing bandwidth allocation

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