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Popular WordPress security plugins

As websites are highly prone to malware infection, it is a comfort that some of the constant monitoring and checking for updates and patches can be done through security plugins on WordPress. Use security plugins like Jetpack, Wordfence, MalCare Security, and Sucuri to protect your WordPress websites. Learn more about protecting websites using WordPress security plugins!


WordPress backup plugins

Taking regular backups is crucial to ensure that a website stays up and functional in the event of a website crash or a cyberattack. Additionally, maintaining structured backups help you access past content. WordPress supports backup plugins that facilitate manual, automated, full, incremental, local, and cloud-based backup and restore. Back up your WordPress data today!


Troubleshooting errors in WordPress

WordPress websites can face errors due to multiple reasons ranging from incorrect configurations to hosting-related issues. Take a look at some common WordPress errors and the ways to troubleshoot them. Learn more about troubleshooting WordPress!


Securing WordPress websites

WordPress websites are prone to risks that arise from default naming approaches and settings. Secure your WordPress websites at both the application level and the physical level. Also, automate and monitor securing your WordPress websites using tools and plugins. Start securing your WordPress websites today!


Running an e-commerce website on WordPress

WordPress can help to build websites for e-commerce using plugins. Use e-commerce plugins including WooCommerce, Easy Digital Download, Ecwid Ecommerce Shopping Cart, WP EasyCart Shopping Cart, and eCommerce Store for all your e-commerce website building needs on WordPress. Start building your website today!


Popular WordPress multipurpose themes

Multipurpose themes on WordPress offer quick ways to set up websites and can be used as templates that suit the need of multiple brands, companies, organizations, or causes. Multipurpose themes include marketing, promotion, and SEO features and some of the popular multipurpose themes are Twenty Twenty, Astra, Twenty Seventeen, OceanWP, and Twenty Twenty-One. Try multipurpose themes for your WordPress websites!


Optimizing WordPress websites

Slow websites or pages, broken links, and non-performing scripts can impact website performance and create a poor experience for a site visitor. Check WordPress site performance and optimize WordPress website performance using speed optimization plugins like WP Super Cache and WP Fastest Cache. Optimize your websites now!


Migrating WordPress between hosting providers

WordPress websites may need to be moved to a new hosting provider or a new hosting server. This may involve challenges like downtime, missing files, or unsupported customized code. These WordPress migration challenges can be avoided if the migration is done in a planned manner. Learn how to migrate your websites from one hosting provider to another!


Speed up WordPress websites

WordPress websites could be slow due to infrastructure and software-related issues. Use speed testing tools, understand the reasons for the website load and speed up your WordPress websites. You can also use plugins like W3 Total Cache and LiteSpeed. Start speeding up your WordPress websites.


Hardening and protecting WordPress websites

WordPress websites are prone to risks like service disruption, stolen user information, phishing, malware distribution, website redirection, account takeover, and domain blocklisting. Harden and protect your WordPress websites at various levels including physical and application, and also use popular security plugins that help secure and harden a WordPress website. Start protecting your WordPress websites!


Getting started with WordPress

Getting started with a WordPress website involves aspects like administration, hosting, and design. You have to install, choose the themes, site identity, and customize to your needs. Set up your WordPress website today!


Automating WordPress websites for better management

Maintaining a WordPress website includes the management of backups, broken links, updates, spam prevention, image optimization, and several WordPress database tasks. All these can be automated using free and paid plugins. Start automating your WordPress websites!

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