Cyber Security | Asia-Pacific

Key Findings

Common reasons for breaches #

47% of the respondents reported internal process issues as the chief reason for security incidents.

Common reasons for security incidents - APAC

Security issues faced in the last 12 months #

About 44% of respondents said their organization didn't face any security issues in the last 12 months.

Security issues organizations faced in the last twelve months - APAC

OWASP web application security risks #

Cross-site scripting and security misconfigurations came out at the top (50% each) as the most critical security risk to web applications, followed by insufficient logging (46%) & monitoring and SQL injection(42%).

What OWASP issues organizations faced - APAC

cybersecurity investment areas #

When it comes to strengthening cyber security, investment areas like cloud security takes the top spot (76%), followed by network and application security (65%), threat management (51%), and identity management (47%).

Areas organizations are investing in to improve security - APAC

Risk Mitigation | Asia-Pacific

Key Findings

Infrastructure security risk mitigation #

82% of the respondents reported implementing robust password policies as the top recommendation to mitigate infrastructure security risk, followed by immediately updating security patches (76%), implementing VPN access, and having infrastructure security monitoring in place (both 72%).

Mitigating infrastructure security risk - APAC

Application security risk mitigation #

87% of the respondents reported using a web application firewall (WAF) as the top recommendation to mitigate application security risk, followed by periodic penetration testing (66%).

Mitigating application security risk - APAC