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Forge your devops practice ahead with an AI-powered full stack observability platform

Adopting a DevOps approach ensures effortless collaboration between development and operations teams as well as speedy delivery of software. However, deploying a CI/CD pipeline is only half the job. To guarantee a flawless DevOps process, continuous monitoring and observability must be incorporated at various stages to streamline the process further.

Become a continuous monitoring wizard with Site24x7's AI-powered, full-stack observability platform and gain end-to-end visibility into your entire software stack from a single console.

Unify the three pillars of observability

Achieve complete observability with a detailed understanding of your metrics, traces, and logs. Site24x7's application monitoring tool helps fortify the three pillars of observability, giving you a sweeping view of your application stack.


Capture even minuscule elements with metrics:

  • Gain an all-encompassing view of your application's health by capturing several business-critical metrics.
  • Get AI-powered alerts about potential issues, and always keep an eye on your application's health with dynamically set performance thresholds.
  • Gain insight on ways to adjust your application environment to catch and fix future issues before they impact the end user.
Three pillars of observability - Metrics
Three pillars of observability - Traces

Practice code-level monitoring with traces:

  • Search meticulously, track, and analyze traces even across distributed architectures.
  • Establish the root cause of an error, up to the line of code, quickly in a complex architecture.
  • Identify the path of various requests through services and understand their behavior at different points of the flow.

Document even granular-level details with logs:

  • Record events such as errors and warnings within your infrastructure.
  • Collect, consolidate, index, analyze, search, and manage logs from different applications and services.
  • Detect issues and investigate them at all stages of the software delivery life cycle, and debug logs contextually to troubleshoot any error effectively.
Three pillars of observability - Logs

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Deliver high-quality software with speed and agility. With Site24x7, you can monitor several external technologies and guarantee seamless application performance.

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