Cloud cost management software to optimize AWS cloud spend

AWS cost management is the organizational planning that allows businesses to understand and manage the costs and needs associated with its cloud technology. CloudSpend helps you with AWS billing and cost management for your entire organization, so you get the most value out of every dollar spent.

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AWS cost management

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Observe, monitor, and optimize AWS cost in a single place

Automated bill processing

No more using spreadsheets

Our handcrafted parser automatically ingests and processes the raw AWS cloud Cost and Usage report data files and extracts all the relevant data fields—a unique combination of service, usage type, pricing unit, operation, and more—to provide an up-to-date view of your AWS cloud costs to the last dollar.

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Spend analysis

High-density snapshot of your spending

Before you start optimizing, you need to understand when and where you're accruing costs. Identify the top three cost accruing services; see running costs for the past six months as well as month-to-date costs; and view distribution of costs by region, instance-type, component, data transfer, and more.

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Resource explorer

Cloud cost analysis

Perform ad-hoc analyses using various filtering and grouping dimensions. Break down spending by linked accounts while setting up your own dates or choosing from a predefined date range to segment data by time. Alternatively, you can use AWS-generated and user-defined tags to isolate and analyze subsets of your cloud costs.

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Drive organizational accountability

Business Units

With Site24x7 CloudSpend, both account holders and AWS Managed Service Partners (MSPs) can leverage native tags to allocate spending to one or more business units to track costs for different teams, projects, and customers. For example, you can account for the AWS services consumed during the testing, development, and production of a new app.

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Enable cost control


Simplified budget creation workflows remove surprises and let you stay on top of your infrastructure expenses with ease. Our enhanced cloud expense management software enables you to set up monthly, quarterly, or annual targets for your linked accounts or business units, and get email notifications when your actual costs exceed the budgeted amount.

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Organize Cloud cost

Tag Profiles

Grouping the cloud cost facilitates granular cloud cost management. Tag Profiles lets you organize the cloud costs by creating customized labels against each cost delta in your AWS spent. Say, for an AWS application, one set of tags could represent the components of that application (i.e. front end, back end), and another set could represent common costs across application platforms. (i.e. development, testing).

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Optimize AWS cloud cost and get the most out of your cloud investment.

Managing AWS cloud costs is just one part of driving operational excellence. To run your business smoothly, you need comprehensive insight into your environment — from the front end to the infrastructure layer. Combine our existing AWS infrastructure monitoring capabilities with our AWS cost management tool to gain better cloud visibility, and control how you use AWS services.

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