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Azure Monitoring

Continuously track critical performance metrics and overall health of your Azure resources and ensure optimal application performance to improve end-user experience.

Monitor more than 100 Azure service types in near real-time, gain actionable alerts, and bring down resolution time.

Monitor entire Azure infrastructure

Analyze the performance of your entire Azure environment by monitoring and tracking the performance of IaaS services, such as virtual machines (VMs) and Kubernetes, and PaaS services like App Service, Event Hubs, and SQL database.

Support for 100+ Azure services

Whether you're running virtual machines, scale sets, storage accounts, IoT Hub, Cosmos DB, functions, disks or something else entirely — we've got you covered.

Monitor complete Microsoft ecosystem

Auto-discover and monitor your Microsoft systems and applications from a single view. Get out-of-the-box support to monitor all your Microsoft applications like IIS, SQL, Office 365, Active Directory, and more.

Health check for your Azure services

Monitor the health of your services and ensure high availability. Detect service health issues, troubleshoot, and reduce the scale of impact.  

AI-powered detection & auto-recovery

Smartly configure and execute corrective actions whenever a predefined set of conditions match, and auto-resolve performance and availability issues with IT Automation.


Manage customer accounts securely and support their capabilities and endpoints from a single dashboard. Promote with a customized logo, URL, and utilize individual operational roles to monitor customer accounts.

Monitor Microsoft Azure Services - Site24x7

Auto-discover Microsoft applications.

Do more than just monitor your Azure resources. Track the performance of Windows applications including SQL, IIS, Exchange, SharePoint, BizTalk, Active Directory, Failover Cluster, and Hyper-V. Just add our Azure-certified Windows VM extension and we'll take care of the rest.

Deep insight on the applications in your Azure environment.

Correlate the performance of your VMs with your applications. Monitor the applications using Site24x7's more than 100 ready-to-use plugin integrations including MySQL, WebLogic, Redis, NGINX, Hadoop, and many more or build your own plugin and start monitoring your applications, databases, and more in no time.

100+ Plugin Integrations
Azure Log Management - Site24x7

Log management for the cloud.

Improve the performance of your Azure resources with insight on subscription-level events, operational data, and status of all operations occurred in your Azure environment. Save search queries, set query based alerts, and manage Azure logs from a single dashboard.

End-to-end serverless architecture monitoring.

Get real-time visibility into the performance of your serverless FaaS platform like Azure Functions. Automatically discover and add services to your monitoring portfolio with one-click integration. Set up alerts and get real-time visibility on serverless use and performance.

End-to-end serverless architecture monitoring