Monitoring Amazon VPN and VPC connections

Amazon Virtual Private Cloud (VPC) is a cloud networking service that provides secure and reliable network connectivity, and facilitates the connection of on-premises networks to the cloud. It lets you provision logically isolated sections of the Amazon Web Services (AWS) cloud to launch resources in a virtual network that you define. Ensuring the high availability of your AWS VPC-VPN connections is essential for your business to run smoothly. Identify issues quickly by obtaining visibility into what's happening inside each virtual private network (VPN) connection, and pinpoint the root cause.

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Monitoring VPN tunnels in AWS from a single console

Amazon VPN monitoring from a single console.

AI-powered reporting

Unusual spikes in the number of connections? Our AI-based anomaly framework identifies and reports any aberration from the usual operating status so you can stay on top of security loopholes. Along with our robust ML framework, we also monitor and alert on the state and activity of the VPN connection and VPN tunnel.

AWS VPC best practices

Built-in best practice recommendations help you identify configuration errors for Amazon Virtual Private Gateways, and spot unused ones that are not associated with the VPC side of the VPN connection. If your AWS VPN connection tunnels are offline, you can receive recommendations delivered to your inbox to ensure that your firewall configuration allows the VPN connection tunneling in the firewall policy.

Visualize VPN metrics

Site24x7's monitoring solution enables cloud engineers to visualize VPN metrics by creating custom dashboards to view key metrics from a single console. Configure thresholds, and receive alerts through email, SMS, voice calls, and third-party tools like Amazon EventBridge, Slack, Jira, ConnectWise, Microsoft Teams, or ServiceNow.

Monitor the AWS VPN tunnel

Keeping track of the VPN tunnel status on a connection basis helps you understand if the AWS VPN-VPC connection is functioning optimally, and if any sensitive data transmitted is accessible by intruders. Plus, you can keep an eye on critical metrics by monitoring the number of bytes sent or received through the VPN tunnel.

Complete visibility into your VPN

Site24x7 provides a holistic AWS monitoring experience with the right set of features.


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Getting started

Learn how to monitor and get alerted on the state and activity of the VPN-VPC connection and VPN tunnel.

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