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Site24x7 was born when the collective IT expertise of ManageEngine, a world class IT management software suite and Zoho, a SaaS leader for business and productivity applications came together to build a solution for IT and DevOps. Site24x7 provides support for a large variety of verticals such as server monitoring, cloud monitoring, network monitoring, application monitoring, real user monitoring, website monitoring, and more.

Why SaaS you ask?

Software as a Service (SaaS) model allows customers to pay for only the software service they use and access it from a web browser on their computer or mobile devices You do not have to worry about hosting and maintaining the product, backend database and worrying about security.

More and more businesses have moved from a traditional On-Premise model to a SaaS based solution for monitoring their resources so as to reduce costs, save time and gain more control over their core business areas.

So to sum up, the major benefits that a SaaS monitoring solution provides you vis-a-vis a traditional solution can be classified broadly into two:

Business benefits
  • Lower capital expenditure due to the lack of excessive physical servers and hardware
  • Instant time to benefit as there is no need to install and configure the monitoring tool
  • Cost of continued use based solely on how much the user wants to monitor
  • Faster maintenance and upgrades so that you have the latest in a fast changing technology ecosystem
  • Secured by the vendor following the highest industry standards.
Technical benefits
  • Easy to understand and use since monitoring is done through familiar web browsers
  • Easily scalable, customizable and integrable with other SaaS solutions
  • Allows users to monitor from various locations using different mobile and non-mobile devices
  • Integrate with other third party applications using APIs.

Audited and certified by industry standards

This is what some of our customers have to say:

Site24x7 gives us visibility into end user UI experience from global locations which is critical for our business. The instant alerting capabilities keep us on top of issues and helps us minimize end user impact. Thanks for the great service.

Sarah Kulp, Director of software operations at Informz

Site24x7 is outstanding in the way it provides a swiss-army knife of various network monitoring tools at an affordable price.

Sridhar Pandurangiah, Director of Engineering, Sastra Technologies Pvt. Ltd.

Site24x7 is great! It's easy to use and I use it as a supplement to our existing monitoring systems which are often changing. The email alerts are really well done!

Peter Bengtsson,

I often know before my competitors do when their applications go offline. You can't beat information like this! Thank you for providing this valuable service.


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