Identify issues proactively with synthetic transaction monitoring

Business-critical workflows can involve APIs and third-party dependencies that can bring hiccups to smooth transactions for end users on various browsers. Use our synthetic transaction monitoring tool to record your transactions and to assess front-end performance.

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What is synthetic transaction monitoring?

Synthetic transaction monitoring employs simulated user interactions to actively oversee and assess the performance, accessibility, and functionality of applications, websites, or web services.

Within this method, scripted transactions are devised to replicate genuine user engagements with the application or system. These scripts are meticulously crafted to adhere to predetermined sequences, encompassing actions like logging in to an application, executing specific tasks, and validating anticipated outcomes. These transactions are then scheduled to execute at consistent intervals from diverse locations, thereby emulating user experiences across various geographic regions. The measurements derived from these transactions can be captured through browsers, facilitating comprehensive monitoring and evaluation.

What happens when critical workflows aren't tracked?

Slow-loading icon

Slow-loading pages with broken steps

Negative user experience icon

Negative user experience for customers

Loss of trust icon

Loss of trust and brand reputation

Why is synthetic transaction monitoring important?

Curious to know how your page or application will look for an end user? Synthetic transaction monitoring allows you to be in the user’s shoes and experience the workflow on your site, which helps you identify performance issues. A flight ticket booking site, for instance, might have multiple steps, like logging in; selecting the preferred destination, dates, flights, and payment; and, finally, logging out. If any of these steps appear broken or load slowly, that might cause customers to look for another option, leading to loss of business and revenue. This is where a synthetic transaction monitoring tool comes in to help you verify that each of these steps are functioning well from different browsers, devices, or global locations, ensuring that all of the site's users have a seamless digital experience.

With Site24x7’s synthetic transaction monitoring

track-availability icon

Track the availability and performance of your application

pinpoint-hiccups icon

Pinpoint hiccups affecting the functionality of business-critical workflows in the application

check-accessibility icon

Check the accessibility from multiple global locations

find-js-errors icon

Find JS errors, resolution errors, browser-specific errors, slow loading resources, and get alerted.

identify-failures icon

Identify failures in the application with exhaustive root cause analysis reports

How a synthetic transaction monitoring tool works

Record your critical transactions using our no-code recorder.

Synthetic browser monitoring

Get your transactions monitored from real-browsers, like Chrome or Firefox, based on your preferred device resolutions from 130 global locations.

Get detailed insights on the various metrics related to the transactions, like page load time, transaction time, and performance data, for various elements.

Monitor these main aspects of your critical workflows

2FA logins
Login pages
Checkout processes

Why is Site24x7 the best synthetic transaction monitoring tool?

  • Easily configure the monitor and kickstart with point and click recording
  • Steer clear of alert fatigue with zero false alerts
  • Get the scripts updated automatically to sync with each change on the site.
  • Perform quicker troubleshooting of issues with the help of video playback.
  • Get the monitoring performed from 130+ global monitoring locations
  • Gain visibility into more aspects of your internet, including DNS, SSL, or CDNs.

Obtain end-to-end visibility with our synthetic transaction monitoring

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