sFlow Traffic Monitoring

Keep track of the bandwidth usage from sFlow devices, spot potential network issues, and rectify them. Optimize your network traffic and increase network stability by evaluating network usage at the interface, application, protocol, and conversation level.

What is sFlow?

Sampled flow, commonly known as sFlow, is standard technology for packet export embedded within routers and switches. Though sFlow is based on NetFlow, it is an open standard. sFlow is packet sampling technology that captures every Nth packet or a random sample per interface. Vendors like Brocade, Dell, Alcatel, Allied Telesis, D-Link, Fortigate, Huawei, Hitachi, and HP support sFlow. While NetFlow is limited to capturing IP traffic, sFlow can monitor layer-2 traffic as well.

Organize and analyze network traffic and bandwidth from sFlow devices

Identify the top N traffic generators

View the top devices and interfaces by traffic and bandwidth utilization in your network from the health dashboard. You can also narrow down the particular application, port, and protocol that has generated traffic with which you can spot the top users.

Spot and address potential issues

Spot anomalies and undesired peaks in traffic, bandwidth, and packet data directly from graphs and dashboards. Configure threshold limits for all key metrics at the device and interface level so that you can take necessary actions to avoid similar issues in the future.

Classify your traffic sources using templates

Preconfigured application templates and differentiated services code point templates are available by default, which classifies network traffic based on the application and port. Simply view these stats to understand the importance of all data transferred.

Compare sFlow monitoring data using reports

Site24x7's bandwidth monitoring tool provides intuitive charts and dashboards for data analysis. You can generate and analyze consolidated reports for your key sFlow monitoring metrics for different time ranges.

Comprehensive sFlow traffic monitoring from the cloud

sFlow applications
Application-wise traffic split-up
sFlow QOS
Traffic based on the QoS
sFlow reports
Performance report for sFlow
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