Site24x7 vs Server Density

Explore why Site24x7 is the best alternative to Server Density.

Get troubleshooting and root cause analysis along with in-depth performance reports that help you in pinpointing issues before end users are affected with Site24x7, one of the best alternatives to Server Density.

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Services Offered Site24x7 Server Density
Server Monitoring
Website Monitoring
Application Performance Monitoring
Real User Monitoring (RUM)
Network Monitoring
Probe based monitoring of resources within the network
OS Supported
Monitor local resources on the server
File and Directory Monitoring
With instant alerting system
Local URL and Port Monitoring
Services and Process Monitoring
With instant alerting system
Windows Event Log Monitoring
With instant alerting system
Linux Syslog Monitoring
With instant alerting system
Log Monitoring with Content Match
Bulk Installation
Active Directory
Remote Commands
Chef, Puppet, SaltStack and Ansible
Microsoft Applications Monitoring
Microsoft Exchange Monitoring
Microsoft IIS Monitoring
Microsoft SQL Monitoring
Microsoft SharePoint Monitoring
Microsoft BizTalk Monitoring
Docker Monitoring
Out of the box plugins support
Write custom plugins using VB, Batch, Shell and PowerShell script
Write custom plugins using .NET DLL and Python scripts
On-Premise Poller
Monitor resources like URL, port, websites and more using an agentless approach
Internet Services Monitoring (Agentless from our data center)
Website Uptime Monitoring
Website Performance Monitoring from a Global Perspective
With 90+ locations

With 28+ locations
Web Application behind the firewall (from inside your own data center)
SSL Certificate Monitoring
Public Status Pages
DNS Monitoring
Mail Server Monitoring
Synthetic Transaction Monitoring
Application Performance Monitoring for Developers
.NET, JAVA, Ruby on Rails Monitoring
PHP, Azure and AWS Application Monitoring
Application Performance Troubleshooting for DevOps and IT
Application Infrastructure Monitoring
Mobile APM - Monitor native iOS and Android Apps
Real User Monitoring for IT and DevOps
Browser Performance Breakdown
AJAX requests handled
Page Load Time by Geography, Device, Browser, ISP, DNS, Apdex and Throughput
VMware Monitoring using vCenter APIs
Cloud Monitoring using CloudWatch APIs
Amazon Web Services (AWS)
Rackspace (Supported via Windows and Linux agents)
Google (Supported via Windows and Linux agents)
Email, SMS
Voice Calls
Integration with PagerDuty
Integration with Zapier
Push Notification and Webhooks
ManageEngine Service Desk Plus
ManageEngine AlarmsOne
Comprehensive APIs
Organize resources being monitored by geography, function, topology, ownership or by business application using Monitor Groups
Free Trial 30 Days 3 days
Pricing for 5 servers $17/month $90/month
Pricing for 50 servers $62/month
Includes 100k RUM page views
$150 per month
Pricing for 100 servers $89/month
Includes 500k RUM page views
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This is what some of our customers have to say:

"Site24x7 gives us visibility into end user UI experience from global locations which is critical for our business. The instant alerting capabilities keep us on top of issues and helps us minimize end user impact. Thanks for the great service."

Sarah Kulp Director of software operations at Informz

"Site24x7 is outstanding in the way it provides a swiss-army knife of various network monitoring tools at an affordable price."

Sridhar Pandurangiah Director of Engineering, Sastra Technologies Pvt. Ltd.

"Site24x7 is great! It's easy to use and I use it as a supplement to our existing monitoring systems which are often changing. The email alerts are really well done!"

Peter Bengtsson

"I often know before my competitors do when their applications go offline. You can't beat information like this! Thank you for providing this valuable service."


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