Root Cause Analysis

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Identify the Actual Cause Behind a Downtime.

A conventional downtime alert will consist of the start time, end time, location and duration of the instance. While these info is good to act immediately on down instances, a more detailed analysis will help you to zero-in on the exact reason that triggered a downtime. This is exactly the Root Cause Analysis functionality from Site24x7. Site24x7 RCA is an in-depth analysis to ascertain the actual reason behind a downtime incident.

Use Root Cause Analysis from Site24x7 to zero-in on the real reason behind a downtime and prevent future occurrences. Sign up for a free trial account of Site24x7.

What does Site24x7 RCA provide?

  • HTTP request headers for all HTTP errors.
  • DNS analysis for all downtime errors.
  • Downtime screenshots for website and webpage analyzer monitors to see the exact error returned.
  • Traceroute to the server to check network connectivity.
  • HTML response for all content mismatch errors.
  • Gives you a conclusion on why the server is down based on the errors received.