Site24x7 Referral Program

Earn commission when you refer people to us

Want to get free monitoring credits added to your Site24x7 account? All you need to do is join our referral program and introduce Site24x7 to your friends, colleagues or business contacts. If any of your referrals become a customer, you will get 20% of what they pay as commission. As you refer more and more customers, your commission can really add up and you can virtually make your monitoring free.

Referral Program Benefits:

  • Free membership. No setup fees or any kind of investment required.
  • Free monitoring credits for sharing Site24x7 to your friends.
  • Recurring Credits - get credits every time your referrer pays.
  • No long-term commitment. You can opt out anytime.

How it works:

  • You need to join our Referral Program and access our referral link that helps you promote Site24x7.
  • Forward the referral link to your contacts.
  • Track the status of your referrals online from within your Site24x7 account.
  • When a customer signs up through your referrer link, you will get 20% of the amount they pay as monitoring credits. These credits will be added to your account on the first of
  • The monitoring credits will be added to your account only 30 days after your referral has made a purchase.
  • When the monitoring credits earned becomes twice as that of your monthly monitoring usage, you will not be charged for your next billing period, which is equivalent to getting free monitoring from Site24x7.