Real User Monitoring (RUM) - Real User Browser Stats

Gain in-depth understanding of real-time website usage.

View global application performance.

Use our agent to understand global application performance through easy to use graphs and charts. Determine if performance is excellent, good, moderate, poor or bad when accessed from different countries.

Visualize metrics for each web page.

Get detailed metrics on network, front end and back end response times. You can also compare data and analyse webpage performance for different time periods.

Pinpoint JavaScript errors.

Using Site24x7 RUM you can catch any JavaScript code errors which may be present on your webpages. You will get detailed data on the error type, message and URL allowing you to take prompt action and improve webpage performance.

View user browser metrics.

Browser based metrics help DevOps users understand if new application updates will affect performance of webpage in a specific type or version of browser. Site24x7 RUM supports various versions of Chrome, Firefox, Opera and IE.

Track all your internal pages loaded from client based MVC frameworks like Angular, Backbone, React and Ember.

Measure resource load time.

Analyze time taken by various resources like CSS, scripts, and images, and identify each component's impact on overall response time.

Monitor AJAX requests.

Gain visibility into the performance of AJAX calls made from your browsers to HTTP or HTTPS domains. Identify time consuming requests and take corrective action.

Platform independant performance insights.

Site24x7 RUM provides you with data on response time application performance irrespective of whether the webapp is being accessed from a desktop, tablet or mobile device.

View performance stats by ISPs.

Capture application response times based on ISPs that help determine if end users application experience is fluid when accessed via a specific ISP when compared to the other.

Monitor individual web transactions.

Response time and throughput of each web transaction with graphical representation for quick performance insight.

Combine RUM with synthetic monitoring.

Identify problems on a website or web application by recording and simulating typical customer paths and user interaction on a real browser using synthetic monitoring.

Integrate RUM with application monitoring.

Get a holisitic view of front-end and back-end performance under a single console by integrating RUM with APM Insight.

How it works?

  • Generate a small JavaScript snippet from the Site24x7 console.
  • Insert it in the the header or footer of the HTML code of a common/index page of the web application that needs to be monitored.
  • That's it! Access all performance data from your Site24x7 console.