ActiveMQ Monitoring with Site24x7 Plugins

Monitor the performance metrics of your Apache ActiveMQ instances to keep your diverse systems connected and communicating.

Apache ActiveMQ enables easy processing of messages from various applications and communicates them across your infrastructure. Install and configure the ActiveMQ plugin to get a detailed view of how your systems and services are performing, all in a single, intuitive dashboard.

This document details how to configure the ActiveMQ plugin and the monitoring metrics for providing in-depth visibility into the performance, availability, and usage stats of Apache ActiveMQ instances.

Apache ActiveMQ performance monitoring metrics:

The Site24x7 plugin collects data from the ActiveMQ REST API and visualizes it all in a single, unified dashboard. Use these key indicators to keep track of unexpected trends and ensure continued performance. Various out-of-the-box metrics we support are:

Total message count

total_message_count gives the total number of messages in the queue, including the number of enqueued and dequeued messages. The enqueue and the dequeue rate should match if the producer and active consumers are in sync

Total connections count

Both the producer and consumer have to connect to the ActiveMQ instance for posting and consuming messages respectively. total_connections_count gives the total number of connections. The performance of the ActiveMQ instance will be affected if the number of connections go beyond the server capacity

Total consumer count

Total number of consumers that have consumed the messages posted by the producers is shown by total_consumer_count

Total producer count

Total number of producers that have posted messages to the ActiveMQ instance is shown by total_producer_count

How it works?

  • Log-in to your Site24x7 account. Sign up here if you don't have one
  • Download and install the latest version of Site24x7 Linux agent
  • Install the ActiveMQ plugin
  • The agent will execute the ActiveMQ plugin and push the data to the Site24x7 server


  • Site24x7 ActiveMQ plugin uses the "python requests" module to get the performance metrics of ActiveMQ instance
  • Execute the following command in your server to install the python requests module sudo pip install requests
Installing pip:
  • Use "pip" to install requests module

    (Note: pip is a package management system that is used to install and manage software packages written in Python.)

  • For CentOS, Fedora, RHEL:
    yum install python-devel
    yum install python-pip (or)
    easy_install pip
  • For Debian, Ubuntu:
    apt-get -y install python-pip

ActiveMQ plugin installation:

  • Create a directory with the name "activemq", under Site24x7 Linux agent plugin directory - /opt/site24x7/monagent/plugins/ sudo mkdir activemq
  • Download the file"" from our GitHub repository and place it under the "activemq" directory
    sudo wget
  • The default python path given in the plugin script is #!/usr/bin/python. If you wish to provide an alternate python path, replace the existing one preceded by the shebang character "#!".
  • Change the values of ACTIVEMQ_HOST, ACTIVEMQ_PORT, ACTIVEMQ_USERNAME and ACTIVEMQ_PASSWORD to match your configuration
  • The server agent will report stats on the performance of ActiveMQ under the Plugins tab in the Site24x7 web client. In case the plugin is not listed in the Site24x7 web client, restart the agent. sudo /etc/init.d/site24x7monagent restart

Monitoring additional metrics:

  • To monitor additional metrics, edit the "" file and add the new metrics that need monitoring
  • Increment the plugin version value in the file "" to view the newly added metrics (For e.g., change the default plugin version from PLUGIN_VERSION = "1" to "PLUGIN_VERSION = "2")

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