50+ Plugin Integrations for your Entire App Stack

Gain visibility across all your apps, systems, and services.

Execute thousands of Nagios plugins without a dedicated Nagios server.

Harness the power of the open source community using our extensive integrations to get visibility into the details you want.

Nagios Integration

Create your own plugin - Monitor what you want!

Network and server administrators often require specific monitoring data that goes beyond the scope of vendors’ standard monitoring solutions. You can write customized plugins using Python or Shell scripts for Linux and DLL, Batch, PowerShell or VB for Windows.

Write your own plugin

We have been using Site24x7 for more than a year, and I should say that we are more than just satisfied," said Aleksander Andrijenko, IT infrastructure at Marcura Group in Dubai. "Site24x7’s broad feature offerings and price point made it an obvious choice over other vendors. The product is easy to set up, and you can start monitoring your environments in just minutes. The instant alerts using [the Site24x7] Plugins feature ensures we’re on top of issues all the time.

Aleksander Andrijenko, IT Infrastructure Manager with Marcura Group.