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An extensive Red Hat OpenShift monitoring tool

Red Hat OpenShift is an open-source container application development platform that helps in developing, deploying, and managing applications. Monitoring OpenShift is vital for maintaining a robust container ecosystem capable of efficiently orchestrating and overseeing all deployments in your enterprise environment.

With the help of Site24x7's performance monitoring tool, you have convenient access to cluster resource visibility, usage, and control. This guarantees a seamless and optimized performance for your applications, giving you the confidence to focus on other important aspects of your business.

Kubernetes Monitoring

Comprehensive OpenShift cluster management

  • Gain comprehensive visibility into the entire cluster, nodes, pods, containers, and other workloads of your Red Hat OpenShift infrastructure.

  • Track all your components. They are self-managed or fully managed, from a single, centralized UI.

  • Get deeper insight into your OpenShift clusters; their CPU, disk, and memory utilization; pod usage; and derive functionable data for better allocating of resources.

Metrics, logs, in-depth dashboards, and reports

  • Get actionable reports that indicate the availability of your cluster components, and navigate through all the container environments of your enterprise smoothly.

  • Obtain accurate, real-time metrics capsulized in understandable inventory, namespace, and cluster dashboards.

  • Collect, manage, and monitor logs, including container, pod, audit, event, and application logs, along with traces to track and diagnose any issues with the applications running within the environment.

Kubernetes Monitoring Tools

Download the Guide to monitoring OpenShift environments

Explore the seven best practices to monitor your OpenShift platform and ensure maximum availability and optimal performance.

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Kubernetes Performance Monitoring

Trend analysis and future planning

  • Uncover potential threats and patterns ahead of time using AI-driven predictions, and speed up the resolution process with IT automation.

  • Equip yourself against potential threats by analyzing performance and health trends, and plan your capacity for better scalability and allocation of resources.

  • Determine the risk factors based on the derived data and assign definite thresholds to keep things under control.

Custom branding and efficient management

  • Rebrand your platform with a custom name, logo and URL, and handle customer accounts and their cluster needs proficiently.

  • Create a flexible and dynamic cluster infrastructure to oversee multiple customer clusters in a multi-tenant setup with a customizable and centralized dashboard.

  • Guarantee the stability, scalability, and dependability of your OpenShift framework for deploying large-scale enterprise applications at any moment.

Kubernetes monitoring

Explore our Red Hat enterprise Linux monitoring tool for a 360-degree view of your OS environment!

Advantages of using Site24x7

  • All-in-one observability platform

  • Complete control over the entire infrastructure from a single, intuitive console

  • Real-time notifications via email, text message, and numerous third-party tools

  • AI-powered anomaly detection and forecasting

  • Quick remediation using IT automation

  • Reduced mean time to detect (MTTD)

  • Cost-cutting with flexible plans and pricing

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