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NinjaOne is an IT management platform while Site24x7 is an AI-powered, full-stack IT monitoring and observability platform. For organizations looking to manage their IT with ticketing and patching solutions, ManageEngine can serve you better. If you are looking to monitor all your IT resources, from websites and IT infrastructure to applications, from a single console, Site24x7 is your ideal solution.

Why choose Site24x7?

Full-stack IT monitoring

In addition to providing visibility into your infrastructure endpoints, Site24x7 monitors different stacks of IT, helping businesses analyze performance at the user and applications layers as well. Site24x7 guarantees full-stack observability with better visibility and zero false alerts.


Site24x7 is an advanced tool with built-in AIOps capabilities that help businesses plan resource allocation and remediation in advance before systems go down.

Integration with third-party tools

Site24x7 integrates with common third-party collaboration, IT service management, analytics, and workflow tools to streamline alerting and send notifications through tools your organization uses. New tools are added frequently based on customer requests.

Better documentation

Every feature in the UI has been documented in help guides along with troubleshooting tips and video guides. On the other hand, NinjaOne does not offer this extensive documentation.

No surprise bills

Site24x7 has a standard license-based pricing model that allows users to purchase packs based on the number of resources monitored.

Site24x7 vs. NinjaOne

Services Offered Site24x7 NinjaOne
Internet Services and End User Experience Monitoring
Website Monitoring
Webpage Speed (Browser) Monitoring
Synthetic Monitoring (Browser)
Real User Monitoring (RUM)
Security Monitoring
Security Monitoring
Server Monitoring
System Monitoring
Windows, Linux, FreeBSD, and macOS

Windows, Linux, and macOS
Out-of-the-box Performance Monitoring
60+ Metrics
Basic Application Monitoring
Detailed performance monitoring

Checks only the application availability, resource usage, and crashes
Microsoft Applications Monitoring
100+ apps Integration (Plugins)
Custom Plugins
Network Monitoring
Network Discovery via SNMP, ICMP, and CIDR
Automatic Network Discovery
SNMP v1-3 Support
Endpoint Monitoring with Support for Devices like Routers, Switches, Firewalls, and Printers
Network Topology Mapping
Automatic Layer 2/ Layer 3 Network Maps
Device Templates
10,000 device templates from 450 vendors

MIB Browser within the Client for Monitoring Custom Metrics
SNMP Traps for Instant Alerts
VoIP Monitoring
NetFlow Monitoring
Supports NetFlow, J-Flow, sFlow, CFlow, IPFIX, NetStream, and AppFlow

Supports only Supports NetFlow, jFlow, sFlow, and IPFIX
Network Configuration Management (Backup and Recovery)
Out-of-the-box; allows users to compare configuration versions, perform audits, restore configurations, and automate device configuration backups

Only configuration backup and monitoring
Application Performance Monitoring
Application Performance Troubleshooting for Java, .NET, PHP, Node.js, Python, and Ruby on Rails Applications
Service Maps
Key Transactions
Distributed Tracing
Mobile APM
For Android, iOS, and React Native apps
Virtualization Monitoring
VMware Monitoring
Out-of-the-box monitoring for VMware vSphere, vCenter, cluster, ESX/ESXi host, VMs, datastores, and snapshots

Only hosts and guest VMs
Nutanix Monitoring
Hyper-V Monitoring
Only hosts and guest VMs
Container Monitoring
Container Monitoring
Multi-Cloud Monitoring
Availability and Performance Monitoring for AWS, Azure, and GCP Services
Out-of-the-box monitoring for different services

Only endpoint monitoring
Best Practice Recommendations to Optimize Resource Usage and Cost
Log Management
Centralized Log Collection
Supports over 100 log types

Only syslogs
Out of box support for common application - MySQL, Kafka, Apache, Tomcat, NGINX, and Logstash
Query-based Searching
Pre-defined Dashboards
Patch Management
Patch Management
Can be achieved using ManageEngine Patch Manager Plus
Service Desk
Service Desk
Can be achieved using ManageEngine ServiceDesk Plus
IT Documentation Tool
IT Documentation Tool
Endpoint Security
Endpoint Security
Can be achieved using ManageEngine Log360
Platform Features
Support for Monitor Grouping and Management
Resource Organisation using Tags
Setting Monitor Dependencies
Maintenance Period
Threshold-based Alerting
Terraform Integration
Email Reports
Out-of-the-box Reports
SLA Management & Reporting
IT Automation
Multi-User Login
Customizable Dashboards
For MSPs
Manage Multiple Customer Accounts
White Labeling
Multi-customer Dashboard
Single Administration
Single Invoice
Data Isolation between Teams
Business Units to administer individual monitoring accounts based on business application, geography, type, and resource ownership
Dynamic Thresholds for Anomaly Detection
NLP-based ChatOps
Mobile App
Android and iOS Apps
Email Alerts, Push Notifications, and SMS
Voice Calls
Alarm Management
Third-party Integrations for Alerts
PagerDuty, Slack, and Microsoft Teams
ServiceNow, Opsgenie, Jira, Freshservice, Moogsoft, ConnectWise Manage, Webhooks, Telegram, Amazon EventBridge, Zapier, Zoho Desk, ManageEngine AlarmsOne, ManageEngine ServiceDesk Plus, Zoho Analytics, and Zoho Cliq
Secure Login Features
SSO Capability
Biometrics Authentication
Two-factor Authentication
Okta login Support
Knowledge Base/Help documentation
Video Tutorials
Pricing Starts from $9.00 Pay-as-you-grow
Free Trial
Free Training
No Credit Card required
Sign up
Sign up Simple sign up Allows users to sign in only after discussing the requirements with NinjaOne representatives through a call or email
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This is what some of our customers have to say:

Site24x7's rich feature set has always surprised us, especially the custom dashboard and reports that we get using Site24x7 has helped us in identifying critical performance issues and address them before our teams are notified. Their friendly assistance during sessions and openness to feature requests makes us feel Site24x7 has been the best choice for all our monitoring requirements.

Chandresh Dedhia

Head – Information Technology, Ascent Wellness And Pharma Solutions Pvt Ltd

Site24x7 AppLogs is so critical for us, and we have so many different things that we need to draw that data into a single pane of glass for. Support from Site24x7 has been impeccable. I know when I submit something, I’ll receive a response. In one instance, I suggested a capability that would help us, spoke with the Site24x7 support team, they agreed, and it became a mainstream feature for all Site24x7 users two weeks later.

Jamie MacFarland

Director of System Administration/Security, Tire Profiles LLC

We use Site24x7 to alert us to slow servers as well as outages of the server. We are aware of server issues before the client is aware of it – which is invaluable to building a strong client relationship. I have not seen anything else that gives us the breadth of monitoring points that we need. Site24x7 gives us great insight.

Rick Pearson

Director at The Ripe Group

Site24x7 gives us deep visibility into critical performance parameters of our resources and helps us stay on top of issues. The all-in-one dashboard gives us one console visibility without the need of shifting to multiple monitoring devices to get complete insights. Ease of use and affordable pricing are factors that impressed me about Site24x7.

Oleksii Holovko

Principal System Administrator, Invisible.io