Introducing Global Parameters.

We are excited to introduce Global Parameters. With this latest feature, you can now customize system generated incident parameters and have complete control over your template design. It is an all new method to build and submit custom name-value pairs of constant or dynamic type across your Site24x7 account.

Once defined, these parameters get embedded into your monitor configuration forms and message fields that you access, where it gets listed along with other default parameters.

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[Feature Enhancement] Performing persistent monitoring during a scheduled maintenance.

With this latest enhancement, you can constantly monitor a resource during a scheduled maintenance and analyze the accurate time when the resource was under maintenance. This data can be used to optimize the time on maintenance during future service upgrades. This enhancement is a critical upgrade, as when a resource is put under maintenance, the outage due to maintenance is actually minimal. For the rest of the maintenance time, the monitor usually remains up.

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Support for Microsoft SQL Cluster Monitoring.

We are glad to announce the support for Microsoft SQL Failover Cluster Monitoring. Get to view your SQL server cluster as a single monitor, instead of having separate SQL monitors for active and passive nodes. This makes sure that the passive node is not shown incorrectly as down.

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Performance monitoring for Angular applications.

Monitor and optimize the performance of your Single Page Applications (SPA), built in Angular framework with Site24x7 Real User Monitoring (RUM). In traditional web applications, the time taken for page load completion is obtained by analyzing the page onload event. Whereas in Single Page Applications, the time taken for page load completion cannot be obtained by the page onload event since the data is dynamically obtained from the server using AJAX calls. Real User Monitoring (RUM) for Single Page Applications resolves this issue by analyzing the framework specific events to calculate page load metrics.

Introducing AWS infrastructure health visualization for your Cloud Ops team.

We are excited to introduce the AWS infrastructure dashboard. This dashboard provides a personalized view into health and performance of various native AWS services powering your application in the cloud. You can now get an overview of what's happening in your AWS account, visually displaying the current status of your AWS resources across all regions and availability zones. The dashboard gives you and your IT/Ops team a quick snapshot of performance and availability, all in a single view.

Blog: Monitor the operational status of your EC2 instances with Site24x7 alerts.

We have added another feature to our growing AWS monitoring capabilities - Support for EC2 status checks. With this new addition, you can now monitor the status of all your running instances every minute and get alerts based on instance check failures, all within Site24x7 itself. Read more in our blog.

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